ISSN #1088-8136

Vol. 7, No. 2
Spring 2001

Will East Timor See Justice?

ETAN Continues Legislative Efforts

Conference Launches New Phase of Solidarity

West Timor Refugee Crisis Continues

U.S. Activists Respond to Indonesian Military Violence

Indonesian General on Trial in U.S. Court

U.S. - East Timor Relationship Raises New Questions

Madison: East Timor's First Sister City in U.S.

Community Empowerment in Theory and Practice


Support East Timor in Your Community

For more information or to share your experiences, contact field organizer Diane Farsetta or visit ETAN's website at

Call your U.S. Senators and Congressperson (see action alert). Pass out leaflets at local events urging others to do the same. When you read or hear a news story on East Timor, Indonesia, or related issues, write or call to encourage coverage of the issue, and to point out any important omissions. Stress connections between military atrocities in Indonesia and the need for an international tribunal in East Timor, or between the refugee crisis in West Timor and the need for those who committed or directed serious crimes, including murder and rape, in both East and West Timor to be brought to justice. Describe the upcoming elections in East Timor and the need for the UN transitional administration to adequately consult with East Timorese. Ask to meet with local editorial boards to educate them on East Timor and Indonesia.

Educate others about East Timor at your local school, community center, or place of worship by speaking, showing a documentary, or hosting an outside speaker (at universities and other institutions, honoraria can be donated to ETAN).

Organize a house party or benefit concert to support ETAN.

Meet with your Congressional representatives or aides in-district and/or in Washington, D.C. during ETAN's June lobby days. Commemorate upcoming significant dates in East Timor's history with editorials, vigils, protests, or local letter-writing or call-in days: May 5, the anniversary of the 1999 agreement which set up the U.N. referendum; August 30, the anniversary of the 1999 vote for independence; November 12, the anniversary of the 1991 Santa Cruz massacre.

see What Can I Do? for other actions you can take

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