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Vol. 8, No. 2
Winter  2002-2003



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Winter  2002-2003

Congress Moves to Renew Military Ties with Indonesian Military

Indonesian Verdicts Strengthen Calls for International Tribunal

East Timor Puts U.S. Soldiers Above the Law

Will the Refugees Be Forgotten?

Indonesia Network Update

Remembering Senator Paul Wellstone (1944-2002)

Stories from Ainaro

The State of International Aid to East Timor

Kissinger Protests

Support ETAN’s Important Work

“Independence is not an end in itself; we still have many issues to deal with… the struggle was not just about getting rid of the Indonesian military, but getting rid of injustice. And we continue to need international solidarity in that struggle.” – João Sarmento, East Timor Student Solidarity Council President, during a meeting with ETAN. Although East Timor is now an independent state and member of the United Nations, U.S.-based solidarity is still essential to support justice and true economic and political self-determination for the East Timorese, and to oppose ongoing U.S. “re-engagement” with the Indonesian military. This is the work that ETAN does, but we need your financial and activist support to continue. Please join us in demanding justice for a forgotten genocide and in opposing U.S. support for the Indonesian military.

Contributions of any amount towards our political advocacy work should be made to ETAN/U.S. Tax-deductible contributions of more than $50 towards our educational work should be made to AJ Muste Memorial Institute/ETAN. Mail to: ETAN/U.S., PO Box 15774, Washington, DC 20003-0774

Together, we make a difference! Thank you for your support.




East Timorese Activist to Speak on Economic Justice, Human Rights

In February 2003, East Timorese activist José Luis de Oliveira will join ETAN for a speaking tour of the United States to discuss the economic issues facing East Timor, including the role of international financial institutions, development of Timor Sea oil reserves, and community-based alternatives to neoliberal development models. He will also stress the need for an international tribunal for East Timor as the only way to achieve true justice for his homeland.

José Luis is a long-time community organizer and a co-founder of two of the most important East Timorese rights groups, FOKUPERS (women’s human rights) and Yayasan HAK (human rights, law and justice). He has worked with farmers, fishers and small businesspeople to strengthen local economies in East Timor. In 1999, he coordinated international solidarity activists observing the referendum on independence, including many ETAN members. José Luis currently serves as Yayasan HAK’s Program Director, coordinating education, advocacy, legal studies and other campaigns on local and national levels.



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