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Vol. 11, No. 1
Spring 2005



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Spring 2005

ETAN Assists Aceh

ETAN Takes A New Name

Whatís the Deal with the Timor Sea?

IMET Certified; Congress Speaks Out on TNI, Aceh, Papua, Timor Sea

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Please donate generously to celebrate ETANís forward-thinking changes to our name and mission statement. Your support will enable ETAN to continue our important work for justice, human rights, and democracy in both Indonesia and East Timor.

Send your check to ETAN, PO Box 21873, Brooklyn, NY 11202-1873 or make a secure, online donation, by visiting Donations of any size for ETANís political and advocacy work should be made out to ETAN and are not tax-deductible. Tax-deductible checks for over $50 can be made out to "AJ Muste Memorial Institute/ETAN" and will be used to support our educational work. Thank you.

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