Vol. 3, No. 2 - Spring 1997
31 East Timor supporters were arrested during a "die-in" at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, D. C. on March 17th.   Kristen Sundell, ETAN's new Field Organizer (lower right), was one of them. embasydc.jpg (23400 bytes)
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Estafeta -

Summer 1998

Spring 1998

No F16's for Indonesia

Tensions Escalate in East Timor

ETAN Calls for Independent Observers

Victory for East Timor in Geneva

Elections, Suharto Style

Sanitized by the Nobel Prize

Timorese Defector Isabel Galhos Tours U.S. (photo)

Massachusetts Closer to Indonesia Sanctions (photo)

New Resources from ETAN

ETAN's New Field Organizer

Support East Timor in Your Community

Academic "Roadshow" Raises Awareness


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