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Congress Bars Use of U.S. Weapons in East Timor

Indonesian Military Training Continues Despite Ban

Constâncio Pinto Joins ETAN Staff

APECT III Meets in Bangkok

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Spring 1998
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ETAN Hosts Regional Activist Training Conferences
by Kristin Sundell, ETAN Field Organizer

This Spring and Fall, ETAN will sponsor several regional training conferences for East Timor activists. Planning is underway for conferences in Chicago (which took place April 3-4), Providence, Atlanta, San Francisco, and perhaps Texas.

This is a critical year for East Timor activism. Never in the 22-year history of the Indonesian occupation has Suharto’s grip on Indonesia and East Timor looked more tenuous. As the Indonesian financial crisis deepens and the suffering of the East Timorese people continues, we must be prepared for any opportunity to take effective action on their behalf.

These conferences are geared toward helping grassroots activists deepen their knowledge of East Timor and Indonesia. The political and economic crisis in Indonesia will be addressed, as well as the current situation in occupied East Timor, the status of international diplomatic efforts to bring about a solution for the Timorese people, the political climate in the US regarding East Timor, and the role of multi-national corporations in influencing US foreign policy.

The conferences will also develop organizing skills. A series of activist-training workshops will be offered, covering subjects such as planning a demonstration/civil disobedience, lobbying, giving a presentation on East Timor, introducing/passing a local divestment and sanctions bill, working with the media, fundraising, coalition building and strengthening local chapters.

There will be time for informal networking between East Timor activists, and time to strategize and plan coordinated regional actions and speaking tours.

If you are interested in hosting one of these events in your city, please contact Kristin Sundell at 617-441-5043. In addition to the Chicago conference in April (see above), you can contact:

San Francisco, CA: Ben Terrall 415-626-3703 or bterrall@igc.org
Atlanta, GA: David McBride 404-876-9135 or davidmcb@mindspring.com
Providence, RI: Erin Hooks 401-863-4557 or erin_hooks@brown.edu