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Summer 1998

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New Resource Available from ETAN

The East Timor Human Rights Centre, based in Australia, has just published "East Timor: No Solution Without Respect for Human Rights," the Centre’s semi-annual Report of Human Rights violations in East Timor, covering January - June, 1998.

The 36-page report can be ordered from ETAN for $5 plus $1.50 postage. In addition to documenting 23 extrajudicial killings, 127 arbitrary arrests and disappearances, and 207 case of torture, rape, and similar abuses, the report contains a comprehensive analysis of the first three months of the Habibie regime’s reign in East Timor, and looks at the possibilities for improvement. It concludes that despite increased freedom of expression, the pattern of human rights violations that has existed for the past 23 years continues.