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The ETAN Web site:
By Frank Fitzgerald (, who created and maintains the site.

ETAN was one of the first movement groups to use the internet effectively, and our many email lists continue to provide timely and detailed information to East Timor, Indonesia, and West Papua activists and journalists worldwide. Now we have added a website to our on-line resources: Check it out!

Tell your friends and government representatives that is the easiest way to get comprehensive and up-to-date information about the situation in East Timor and the latest news on related US legislative action. Launched this spring, the ETAN/US website is a valuable resource for researchers, dedicated activists and casual visitors. The site’s content is updated weekly with Action Alerts, reports from human rights organizations, and accounts by journalists, individuals "on the ground," and East Timorese leaders and exiles.

It is still uncertain when the East Timorese people will be allowed to govern themselves. Yet many other important questions are answered on the ETAN site: What are the roots of the East Timor tragedy and what has been the U. S. role in it? How has the Indonesian military occupation of East Timor affected the Timorese people during the past 23 years? What have Nobel laureates Bishop Belo and José Ramos-Horta said about recent developments in Indonesia and at the UN?

Perhaps you would like to know if your representative supports legislation aiding the Timorese cause, want to see a list of books and tapes that can be ordered, or read through past issues of Estafeta. Or you might want suggestions on how to help the East Timorese in their struggle for self-determination. All of this is offered at

The website’s emphasis is on content. It has been designed to be fast-loading and easy to use, but we look forward to your feedback to help us improve it. Please visit soon.

More information about ETAN’s mailing lists, and related sites, can be found at or by emailing If we don’t have your email address to send Urgent Actions to, drop an email to and let us know how to reach you on-line.