ISSN #1088-8136

Vol. 5, No. 3
Autumn 1999

Against All Odds

To Resist Is to Win

UN Takes Over East Timor

Witness to Triumph

Things Fall Apart

Humanitarian Aid for East Timor

The World Bank in East Timor

East Timor  Speaking Tour

Tom Tomorrow cartoon

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New Resources Available from ETAN
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Buibere: Voice of East Timorese Women
. Stories told by 20 women living in East Timor, compiled by Rebecca Winters. 106 pp. East Timor International Support Centre, Australia. 1999. $12. Benefits Timor Aid, to assist victims of rape and torture in East Timor.

East Timor: Genocide in Paradise. By Matthew Jardine. Basics that Americans should know. 95 pp. Odonian/Common Courage Press, U.S., 1999. $8 (NEW EDITION)

From the Place of the Dead: The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East Timor. By Arnold S. Kohen. Biography of the 1996 Nobel Prize winner. 331 pp, hardcover. St. Martin's Press, U.S., 1999. $28.

East Timor: The Price of Freedom. By John G. Taylor. Authoritative history of East Timor up to the arrival of the UN peacekeepers, an updated edition of Taylor's classic Indonesia's Forgotten War.. 272 pp. Zed Books, UK, 1999. $22.50.

Is Oil Thicker than Blood? A Study of Oil Companies' Interests and Western Complicity in Indonesia's Annexation of East Timor. By George J. Aditjondro. 119 pp, hardcover. Nova Science, USA. 1999. $34.

TETUM Language Manual for East Timor. By Geoffrey Hull. Pronunciation guide, grammar, phrase book and English-Tetum dictionary for East Timor's lingua franca. University of Western Sydney, Australia. 1999. 120 pp. $10.


ETAN has been given a number of beautiful, colorful, tais (ikat) weavings - both tubular dresses and flat pieces, hand-made by women in West Timor. Prices range from $75 to $150, to benefit ETAN's work. A unique and remarkable holiday gift! Click to view weavings

Additional Items
"Free East Timor" black T-shirt with traditional lizard design in yellow, white and red. Benefits Medical Aid for East Timor. Specify M, L, XL or XXL $15, $17 for XXL.

"It's Time for Peace in East Timor" yellow-orange T-shirt with traditional designs in red, brown and white. Benefits Medical Aid for East Timor. Specify M, L, or XL. $20. Pamphlets

"Human Rights in East Timor: Indonesia Defies UN & the International Community." Bi-Annual Report of Human Rights Violations in East Timor January-June 1999. East Timor Human Rights Centre, Australia, August 1999. 55 pp. $5

"Paramilitary Violence in East Timor: Testimony from two Congressional hearings." Includes a survivor of the 4/99 Liquica massacre and an ex-ABRI expert on troop levels. ETAN, U.S., May 1999. 16 pp. $1.

"Threats, Independence, and Devastation: Watching East Timor Vote." Excerpts from reports by the International Federation for East Timor Observer Project. IFET, November 1999. 16 pp. $1

Checkout ETAN's Bookstore for photos of selected items