ISSN #1088-8136

Vol. 5, No. 1
Winter 1999

Indonesia Hints Independence

Albright on Troop Reductions

ETANers Strategize for Action

New Chapters/Resolution

Chapters Keep Up Pressure

Relief Seeks Contributions

Weavings Available

Peace Brigades

Staffer Neededr

Tainted by Repression

New Hopes, Old Terror

Movements in Timor

Activists Tour U.S.

Aceh Conference

Action Alert

Lobby Days are Here Again...

JOIN US! The pro-democracy and self-determination movements in Indonesia and East Timor are thriving, but the economic and political crises in both countries continue to cause severe suffering and hardship for the majority of the people. Much of this misery is a result of military repression; we must push for a complete ban on all remaining U.S. military training for the Habibie regime. And as the regime finally acknowledges the possiblity of East Timorese independence, it’s time to renew our demand for a referendum in East Timor! We need your voices!

ETAN’S annual Lobby Days will take place in Washington, DC, March 21-23 (Sunday-Tuesday) AND June 5-9 (Saturday-Wednesday)

We’re encouraging those who have already done some lobbying to join us in March or June (or both), and those who believe they need more extensive lobby training to join us in June. In March, we will be joined by Savio and Jekito, two visiting East Timorese activists.

Vital legislation will be further advanced by June so we’ll need more help then. We’ll also hold an extensive media workshop at that time.

Anyone interested in this timely, concerted effort to educate our elected representatives about East Timor should RSVP to Lynn Fredriksson or Kristin Sundell. Let us know when you’ll be getting in, whether or not you’ll require accomodations, and if you have special needs.

Some travel subsidies are available.

March 21 - 23 (Sunday - Tuesday)
Short Training Workshop, March 21
Lobby Days, March 22-23
June 5 - 9 (Saturday - Wednesday)
Media Training Workshop, June 5
Lobby Days Training Workshops, June 6
Lobby Days, June 7 - 9
Demonstrate at U.S. State Department June 7, 5pm