ISSN #1088-8136

Vol. 5, No. 1
Winter 1999

Indonesia Hints Independence

Albright on Troop Reductions

ETANers Strategize for Action

New Chapters/Resolution

Chapters Keep Up Pressure

Relief Seeks Contributions

Peace Brigades Will Go to East Timor

At its February International Council Meeting, Peace Brigades International (PBI) decided to proceed with an exploratory project in East Timor, which could develop into a permanent presence. PBI sends teams of people for long-term nonviolent, non-partisan presence in zones of conflict, where they observe, accompany human rights activists, and report violations by all parties. For more information on PBI, visit their web site at or contact the US office at 1904 Franklin St. #505, Oakland, CA 94612. 510-663-2362, fax:510-663-2364, email

The Exploratory Team will go to East Timor in March. If all goes well, a long-term team could be in place by summer. If you're interested, contact Jill Sternberg, 29 Dalewood Drive, Hartsdale, NY 10530,, 914-428-7299.

PBI does not take sides in a conflict -- they simply support human rights. Their role in East Timor would be fundamentally different from support/advocacy groups like ETAN, but would be invaluable as the East Timorese people navigate the difficult path from war and occupation toward self-government.