Late June 2000

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June 1 - 17

June 25 - 30
UN. seeks $20.9 million for Timor refugee operation
IOC, U.N. steer devastated country's Olympic bid
UN Wants Talks On E. Timor Constitution To Start In Sept
Washington Backs Early Independence Scenario
Vieira de Mello Criticizes UN Rigidity
Students Ready To Forge Youth Link
Indonesia's Sense of Betrayal by Australia Still Lingers
Falantil heroes still fighting for a future in E. Timor
An Intimidating Ordeal for East Timor Refugees

UN predicts independence for East Timor by late 2001
UN rejects calls for shared executive power in E. Timor
The Australian- Rebuilding E.Timor is proving a thankless task
Private Security Groups Pose Threat to Peace - Portuguese Commander
Like a Phoenix, East Timor Rises Again
Delegation heads for Jakarta to discuss scholarships

Timor seeks mid-way sea boundary with Australia
Too Soon for U.S. to Reward Indonesia?
Prosecutors Formally Present Reports on 100 War Crimes Cases
Indonesian team in E. Timor in bid to reclaim assets
Irony in the Pacific for long-distance diplomat
A nation built on ashes
Exiled East Timorese youths long to go home
Country On A Couch
Xanana's address to Lisbon Donors Conference

June 18 - 24
UN, E. Timorese clinch deal on coalition gov't
UN arrests suspected militia after E. Timor grenade attack
Phillips' Godlove Steers Timor Project Through Unrest
Lisbon Awaits UN OK on Offer of Patrol Boats
E Timorese NGO statement to Lisbon meet
Donors back rebuilding, pledge more funds
CIVPOL no show at burning incident
UN bows to pressure and gives Timorese more power
Timorese say independence worth cost
Op-ed - East Timor Deserves Democracy
Foreigner held in Dili -- first since UN vote
East Timor 's former guerrillas could revolt
Bosnians Assure E. Timorese Life Will Improve

Vietnamese boat people spotted in E. Timor
UN Appeals For $16 Million For East Timor's Budget
Timor donors, leaders meet to plan rebuildin
Timor Gap deal set to deliver windfall for Dili
Rolling stoppages hit public transport system
Letter - Release classified information

U.N. refugee agency suspends work in three West Timor camps
Japan's UNICEF envoy urges continued support for E. Timor
Ex Indonesian Ministers Quizzed Over Timor Atrocities
A Shocking Legacy- The Forgotten Hostages of Timor
UN setting bad precedent in E. Timor - environmentalists
UN forces in E. Timor preempt Falintil attack
Review of the documentary The Diplomat
CNRT Wants Joint Government 75 Percent Operational by December

Temperature Rises in East Timor

IOC delegation identifies potential East Timorese Olympians
UN administration has brought little change for guerrillas
Rebuilding East Timor

June 1 - 17

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