Subject: East Timor press headlines/1 March 2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Thursday 1 March 2001

  1. 49 per cent of road accidents criminal cases
  2. DA Dili: UNTAET Has The Right To Select Ruben Carvalho
  3. Swedish Aid To Timor Lorosae Amounts to USD10 million
  4. Mari Alkatari: “Just Don’t Think Of Only Selling”
  5. TNI Soldiers Impregnate Women At The Border

1. 49 per cent of road accidents criminal cases (Timor Post, Front Page side-bar)

CivPol had to initiate criminal action in forty-nine per cent of road accidents in Dili. According to Civpol, this is the highest figure for all the districts in Timor Lorosae.

CivPol spokesperson Luis Carilho told Timor Post that in order to prevent fatalities, police traffic-boxes had been built at the junction in front of UNTAET, Colmera, Mandarin and at the Aitarak Laran intersection.

Luis Carilho said 13 of these traffic boxes had been built and each box was manned by a CivPol officer and his local Timor Lorosae police counterpart. The police officers will be on duty every day, including Sundays.

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2. DA Dili: UNTAET Has The Right To Select Ruben Carvalho (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page headline)

The Cabinet Member for Internal Affairs Ana Pessoa said that in the transitional period UNTAET had the full right to choose a district administrator, based on the candidate’s qualifications, without consulting the suco chiefs.

Ana Pessoa said this when she met face-to-face suco chiefs and the Regional Secretary of Dili Autonomous Region yesterday.

Regarding the appointment of Ruben Carvalho as Dili District DA, she said based on conversations she had with various people, he was the right person and suitably qualified for the job.

“So there is no need for further consultations with the people and neither do we need to go through a voting process. This is because in the transition period Das are appointed directly by UNTAET,” said Ana Pessoa.

“After the election, it’s a different story. Then the people can determine who they want as DA,” she added.

In the meeting, the suco chiefs protested that their opinions as public leaders were not respected.

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3. Swedish Aid To Timor Lorosae Amounts to USD10 million (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page second lead)

From October 1999 till now, since UNTAET came into being, Sweden has donated USD10 million to Timor Lorosae.

Some of the aid has been channeled through the ICRC and the World Food Program, during the emergency phase, and the rest through UNTAET’s Trust Fund.

This was stated by The First Secretary of the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta, Louise Bergholm in an interview with STL yesterday.

Bergholm is accompanying a Swedish Parliamentary delegation that arrived in Timor Lorosae on Monday. They leave for home tomorrow.

The Swedish Parliamentary delegation is on a tour of the country to assess the effectiveness of Sweden’s aid to Timor Lorosae. Also taken into account was whether Swedish aid was helping promote democracy and the protection of human rights ­ taking into account also the rights of women and children.

Louise Bergholm also said Sweden was considering sponsoring East Timorese to follow diplomatic training programs in the Scandinavian country. She said Sweden had also send 10 of its police officers to be part of CivPol. There were also 2 Swedish UN Military Observers, added Bergholm.

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4. Mari Alkatari: “Just Don’t Think Of Only Selling” (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page side-bar)

A large proportion of East Timorese who become business people in the country seem more preoccupied “racing” against one another to see who makes the most money, said the Minister for the Economy Mari Alkatari.

“But let’s not only think of making business, only, everyday. As sons and daughters of this country, we have think forward on how we can contribute towards the health of the economy in the long-term,” he said.

Mari Alkatari urged all businesses to have a program of action on a long-term basis for the sake of developing the country’s economy.

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5. TNI Soldiers Impregnate Women At The Border (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page side-bar)

This is the consequence of the large presence of TNI soldiers at the border. Many women have been made pregnant by these troops.

This was made known by Father Leo Mali who just returned from a humanitarian trip to the West Timor-Timor Lorosae border. In a dialogue with other priests and the Governor of West Timor Piet Alexander Tallo, Father Leo said the pregnancies were as the result of pre-marital sex.

Father Leo said when the babies were born they would not know their fathers and they would lead lives without any future whatsoever.

“The Church takes into account the welfare of the people and we hope the government [Indonesia] tackles this problem,” said Father Leo.

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