Subject: East Timor press headlines/10 March 2001

East Timor press headlines/10 March 2001

Bahasa Indonesia Headlines ­ Saturday 10 March 2001

  1. Camilio Freed, Gill and Americo Still Detained (Timor Post)
  2. Sergio De Mello: UN Will Increase Troops (Timor Post)
  3. Baucau People Have Lost Faith in Jordanian RRU (Suara Timor Lorosae)

1. Camilio Freed, Gill and Americo Still Detained (Timor Post, Front Page lead)

Camilio, one of the three RDTL activists, arrested and detained by Civpol on Wednesday on suspicion of trying to assassinate CNRT/CN President Xanana Gusmao has been freed.

Two others arrested with Camilio, Gill Frenandes and Americo Menezes are being further detained in police custody for a further period of 30 days.

This decision was made at hearing of the Dili District Court on Friday before Investigating Judge Joao de Carvalho. The three accused were represented by counsel from the Public Defenders’ Office.

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2. Sergio De Mello: UN Will Increase Troops (Timor Post, Front Page second lead)

The Transitional Administrator Sergio Vieira de Mello said the United Nations will increase the number of troops in Timor Lorosae. He said this in response to the Wednesday incident in Dili and the unrest in Baucau.

Speaking to reporters, at the Komoro Airport, on his return to Dili from London Sergio said: “The incidents were started by provocateurs. We know who are behind them.”

He said some militia elements from the Besi Merah Putih group were behind the incident. Also he said, there was a group that was adamant on adhering on the 28 November 1975 unilateral declaration of independence.

Asked if whether Indonesian elements were behind the two, he replied: “Yes, I feel so. The reason is the way they carry out their activities. It’s the same here, previously, when criminal elements were in the country.”

Meanwhile UNTAET spokesperson Barbara Reis said the Police Minister Jean Christian Cady together with the Minister of Political Affairs Peter Galbraith had made a trip to Baucau on Thursday to investigate the burning of a mosque there and three UNTAET vehicles.

Peter Galbraith hit out at the burning of the mosque and urged all parties to be tolerant of one another’s religion.

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3. Marito Reis: Baucau People Have Lost Faith in Jordanian RRU (Suara Timor Lorosae, Front Page)

The Baucau District Administrator Marito Reis said the people of the district had lost faith in one unit of the Rapid Response Unit led by the Jordanians. There has been unrest in Baucau over the past two days.

Marito Reis said this in an interview aired on TVTL and Radio UNTAET.

He said this lack of faith was clearly evident in the incident related to the burning of the mosque and UNTAET vehicles.

He said the people were agitated when 16 Baucau residents were wrongfully arrested by the Jordanian RRU.

He urged the Jordanian RRU to seek forgiveness from the Baucau people. This was important, he said, to instill confidence back in the people.

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