Subject: East Timor press headlines 12 March

East Timor press headlines March 12, 2001

Tetun and bahasa headlines 12/3/01

  1. Fretilin Declaration: Do Not Commit Violence (Timor Post/12/3/01)
  2. Political Elite Manipulates The Youth (Timor Post/12/3/01)
  3. Today, The Youth Of Dili Meets Xanana Gusmao  (Timor Post/12/3/01)
  4. Third Party Manipulated Situation (Suara Timor Lorosa'e/12/3/01)

Fretilin Declaration: Do Not Commit Violence (Timor Post/12/3/01)

Lu Olo (president) and Mari Alkatiri (vice-president) of Fretilin, in a communique entitled, "The Struggle Continues, Maximum Tolerance, Total Vigilance," said: In the last few days, the symbols of Fretilin, especially the RDTL flag, have been used by certain groups to create trouble and to deceive the people into carrying out demonstrations, violence and other undesirable actions.

On 7 December 1975, when the Indonesian Armed Forces invaded our country, Fretilin's Central Committee appealed to the international community to intervene to prevent the killing of our people and to defend the rights of the Maubere people for self-determination and independence. [The communique went on to name the men and women who had died for the struggle and said] our right to independence was finally recognized. The international community - may be late or early in fulfilling its duty -restored our nation to international legality and established mechanism for our independence.

Thus, UNTAET and the international community's presence in East Timor are consistent with what we had been doing. The administration of UNTAET is a result of the 24 years of Resistance of the Maubere people. … Naturally, the presence of thousands of other nationals with different religions and culture in our land can create cultural shock and misunderstandings, This may seem a heavy price to pay for our determination to be independent. However, the solution to these problems is permanent dialogue, not violence, or destruction.

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Political Elite Manipulates The Youth (Timor Post/12/3/01)

"In this world, the political elite usually manipulates the youth for their own interests, who generally becomes the victim of this political method," said Mgr Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, SDB. The Bishop of the Dili Diocese, expressed this whilst listening to a Catholic youth at a dialogue with Catholics in Dili last week (11/3) after Holy Mass. The meeting, that was divided into two sessions for youths and adults, finished at around 13.00 hour. The aim was to listen to the aspirations of Christians on current problems confronting the country.

A youth Escuteros who had an opportunity to dialogue directly with the Church leader said, "In several incidents that occurred in East Timor, the youth has always been blamed and victimized. As youth we are really ashamed. Political parties use us for their political aims, then they leave us to find our way alone." He continued that it would be best now for the political elite to stop using the youth for their political ends. On the contrary, reconciliation among political elite should be rapidly brought about. They should not continue to maneuver - that precisely leads to splits rather than peace.

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Today, The Youth Of Dili Meets Xanana Gusmao (STL/12/3/01)

Florencio: Youth will be involved in the security of the city. According to the schedule of today, Monday (12/3) the Anti-Violence Youth Group met with CNRT/NC president Xanana Gusmao to give him their declaration. This meeting is a follow-up of the first meeting held on Tuesday (6//3) at the CNRT/NC headquarters in Balide.

In the previous meeting, three topics of concern to the youth of Dili were raised - social political problems, economic problems and security in Dili. The important points of debate and discussion, among others, was the security question. The National Republic Guard would be asked to involve youth in security operations within Dili. Under social political problems, a regulation on political parties, the National Unity Pact, re-building bilateral ties with Indonesia and War Veterans representatives in the National Council, were discussed. In the economic arena, points raised were to quickly withdraw the circulation of rupiah in East Timor, to give management and other training to war veterans of the clandestine struggle and to timorize the economy. The youth sought a declaration with the President of CNRT/NC on each point of the programme. Thereafter, it is hoped that the NC would debate on these points.

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Third Party Manipulated Situation (Suara Timor Lorosa'e/12/3/01)

The situation in Baucau town since the riot of Tuesday and Wednesday is now slowly returning to normal. But the people are still anxious as up to Saterday and Sunday of last week, rumours have been circulating of of demonstrations for two consecutive days (today and tomorrow), accompanied by burning of houses and the government offices. The District Administrator of Baucau, Marito Reis, who met STL on Sunday (11/3) said that the rumours had been circulated by groups, that had been identified by the security section, as groups that had been planning disturbances in the whole of East Timor, including Baucau.

The riot in Baucau, according to Marito, started from a quarrel between a passenger and a driver and a group of youth in the Kota Baru Market. This led to the destruction of a number of stalls in the market. The next day after, stones were thrown between the people and the Jordanian RRU. Subsequently the mosque and the DA's car were burned and the restaurant Benfica destroyed. Marito also said that at least 16 persons who had been detained on Tuesday (6/3) had now been released. "They include three who had been arrested for possession of hand grenades and a number of ammunition," said Marito. In the meantime, according to the programme of L7, the Security Advisor of the President of the CNRT/NC, a meeting between a number of youth and the people of Baucau will be held today to discuss steps to restore the security situation in Baucau.

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