Subject: LUSA: One Person Killed in Burned Out Town, Portuguese Evacuated

East Timor: One Person Killed in Burned Out Town, Portuguese Evacuated 13 Mar-11:41

UN police discovered one charred body amid the 40 or so houses burned down by rampaging youths in the southeastern East Timorese town of Boromatan, officials said Tuesday.

UN police, reinforced with Portuguese and Jordanian contingents from Dili and Baucau, were patrolling the town, located some 200 kms from the capital, that was set ablaze Monday.

The atmosphere was "tense but calm", police spokesman Luis Carrilho said in Dili, adding that no ar[r]ests had yet been made.

The 10 resident Portuguese, including seven teachers, were evacuated to Dili Tuesday from the Viqueque district town as a safety precaution.

Three of them, an UN employee and two volunteers helping with civil registration, lost most of their belongings when rioters burned down the inn where they were lodged.

The spokesman for the Portuguese diplomatic mission, Paulo Nogueira, said "all the Portuguese" at Boromatan were "well" and that there was no reason for alarm.

Police investigating the rampage said it appeared to have started as a fight between two martial arts groups, with one seeking to avenge the killing Sunday night of a colleague.

Xanana Gusmao, the territory's leader, lamented the incident but said it was "understandable" such violence take place sporadically, given the wretched state of East Timor's economy and society following the scorched-earth campaign launched by pro-Indonesian militias in 1999.

Gusmao, however, indirectly criticized the UN administration's security apparatus.

"If the security forces take good measures to guarantee control it is possible to guarantee more stabil[i]ty", he said in Dili.

"It is not enough just to accompany events", he added. We must guarantee that there isn't a (sufficient) number of disturbers who can continue to create instability".

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