Subject: East Timor press headlines 14 March 2001

Dili 14 March 2001

  1. Majority Rejects The Dissolution Of The National Council (STL/14/3/01) 
  2. PKF Troops In East Timor Will Not Be Increased (STL/14/3/01) 

  3. Pension Payments Will Not Be Carried Out In Atambua And Kupang (STL/14/3/01) 
  4. "Feto Hakat Badak, Mane Hakat Naruk" (Timor Post/14/3/01)

Majority Rejects The Dissolution Of The National Council (STL/14/3/01)

The majority of NC members reject the dissolution of the body six weeks before the formation of the Constituent Assembly to prevent a vacuum in the activities and functions of the legislative body. This is the view of the majority of NC members at a session chaired by Xanana Gusmao, the President of CNRT/NC on Tuesday (13/3). According to NC member, Angela Freitas, the NC should continue to function until the establishment of the constituent assembly. If this is a mandate from UNTAET, then UNTAET itself is no longer consistent with Regulation 24/2000. She said, "There must be valid reason to dissolve the NC six weeks before the setting up of the Constituent Assembly."

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PKF Troops In East Timor Will Not Be Increased (STL/14/3/01)

The UN Transitional Administrator of East Timor (UNTAET) Sergio Vieira de Mello stresses that the UN peace keeping force in East Timor will not be increased. He denies news, in the mass media, saying that PKF troops in East Timor would be increased. UNTAET spokesperson said this during a press conference at the offices of UNTAET on Tuesday (13/3). She also said that there is no plan to increase the number in the near future. In East Timor, there is currently 7, 700 persons from 24 nations. They are divided into three sectors and the Oecusse enclave.

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Pension Payments Will Not Be Carried Out In Atambua And Kupang (STL/14/3/01)

The head of the Indonesian Mission to East Timor, Kristio Wahyana said that agreements has been reached between UNTAET and PT Taspen not to make pension payments to ex-civil servants of East Timor in Atambua (Belu) and Kupang. Pension payments to ex-civil servants of East Timor will be made according to a mechanism that has been reached by the two parties. Kristio said this in a letter concerning pensions to civil servants to be paid on 15-23 March 200, received by STL on Tuesday (13/3).

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"Feto Hakat Badak, Mane Hakat Naruk" (Timor Post/14/3/01)

In East Timor, there is a saying, "Feto hakat badak, mane hakat naruk," (Woman's short stride, man's long stride). This saying on the role of men and women reflects their opportunities in political life, and is behind the debate on ability, experience, skill or lack of it. Also the support to political parties that have women candidate has been considered as treating women as commodities. Aurora Ximenes, Coordinator of the Network of Women in East Timor (REDE). said in a statement received by TP two days ago.

The statement was released in connection with the heated debate on a quota of 30% for women candidates in the Constituent Assembly. According to REDE, opportunities for East Timor women to participate in politics and government is a follow up of the result of the Women Congress in East Timor in June 2000. "Although so, REDE would reject if women were treated as commodities. However, when women are absent from involvement in the process and in the implementation, then the aims that women struggled for would be neglected," she said.

In the political sector, the Congress unanimously recommended women to fill a minimum of 30% of all positions, beginning with the elections of the Constituent Assembly up to the government. Also the CNRT Congress has unanimously adopted a resolution on women rights and has urged UNTAET and the future government to set up mechanism to realize and guarantee gender equality.

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PSD "Respect All Parties In The Election." (TP/14/3/01)

Vice president of the Democratic Socialist Party (PSD) Leandro Izac said that PSD respects all parties such as Fretilin, UDT, pro-referendum Apodete, Kota and Travalista in the election process of August. Speaking to TP in the CNRT headquarters at Balide, Dili on Monday (12/3) Izac said that PDS is now re-organizing in the district according to the results of the CNRT national congress that specified that parties must reorganize only up to the district level. The sub-districts, villages or hamlets must not be organized first. PSD is trying to reorganize in the 13 districts of East Timor, Izac continued.

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