Subject: East Timor Press /14 March 2001

Dili 14 March 2001 

  1. Support For Xanana Pours In (Timor Post/13/3/01)
  2. The Tribunal Is The Venue To Resolve Cases (TP Editorial/13/3/01) 
  3. Truth is Expensive (STL Editorial/13/3/01) 
  4. Violence Leading To Anarchy (Suara Timor Lorosae/13/3/01) 
  5. Mari Alkatiri : NC maneuvers to defeat Fretilin (STL/13/3/01)

Support For Xanana Pours In (Timor Post/13/3/01)

Following the incident of 7 March 2001 in the Dili Gymnasium, several quarters have expressed their stand on the matter. Apart from strongly condemning CPD-RDTL supporters and regretting Civpol's method of arresting the three political activists, there is full support for the leadership of Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao as President of CNRT/NC. There were even some, who expressed support for the independence leader to become the first President of East Timor although the elections have not been held. Timor Post received a letter from the people of Asukai Village, Dili, 4 days ago. Four leaders, including the village chief, Marito Amaral and the youth leader Mateus Siba signed the letter, calling on UNTAET and CNRT as well as PKF, Civpol, GNR to ensure peace and security in their area. "We also support the change of name from Falintil to FDTL for the future security of East Timor," the letter continues.

The youth of Anti-Kekerasan (ANTIK) also supports the leadership of Xanana Gusmao. In their declaration, ANTIK reminds the people of East Timor not to be hooked by false issues and promises, to defend national unity and be vigilant against militia infiltration aiming to destroy national unity and harmony. Antik also calls on the international peacekeepers and FDTL to maintain peace and stability in East Timor. It urges political organizations in East Timor not to make use the name of the people for their own interests. "All political leaders should unite and build East Timor future in our grandchildren's interests." Wrote ANTIK. ANTIK threatens to react with the people to support the masses if violence and conflict continue between political organizations or individuals, that could lead to splitting the nation and continuing the sufferings of innocent small persons. 

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The Tribunal Is The Venue To Resolve Cases (TP Editorial/13/3/01)

Much has happened during the transitional period to scare the people. They cannot be calm due to fear, past trauma sustained during the Indonesian occupation and the destruction after the Popular Consultation of 1999. These unfortunate events are of the past but they are not forgotten as our people continue to be abused by interested groups as demonstrated by the event in Dili Gymnasium last week. The same can be said of the incidents in Baucau which are linked to the case of the Dili Gymnasium. The medicine to cure the people's fear now rests with the court. Only a proper and transparent trial can reduce the level of the people's fear and trauma.

No one is above the law - this is the commitment of the people and nation. Only such a commitment can combat these undesirable deeds that continue to be among the people's midst and that are reminiscent of the Indonesian times. Many people descend into violence, crimes and vandalism. Perhaps, this is because the political system has not held up high its democratic duties. People who are involved in crimes can still stroll freely like the wind. The many people who are in prison, from year to year, are there because they have become 'slaves' to the rich, who are well connected to those who make or have access to political decisions.

We ask the Transitional Administrator of UNTAET to use the existing courts to bring to justice those allegedly involved in the recent cases of Dili and Baucau. The trial must be transparent and the ruling correct. No person or political group is free from the law or the court - be they whoever. There is no place for those who want to come as "saviour" to others, especially to the Timorese refugees who are still in the control of the militia and pro-autonomy groups. We must now be able to find our direction in this political situation. We wait for when no UNTAET or East Timor leaders will release "holy letters" to save those who take part in crimes and violence. We wait.

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Truth is Expensive (STL Editorial/13/3/01)

Excerpts. At this moment East Timor is preparing itself by changing the machinery of authority from an underground movement to a real force that would receive the baton of national state leadership from the United Nations. Many groups do not agree with this change and are suspicious, because they are afraid that they would be marginalized in the process. In reality, the change from a clandestine organ or institute into an official state organ or institute is a necessity, whether desired or not, for the country to become a nation when the UN leaves.

We do not need to be suspicious of all changes because they are in the interest of the nation. We do not have to pretend to protest when we know and understand the process. And we do not have to involve the masses to join in these protests when we know these problems in reality require change. There is no need to involve the masses in dead end politics that would only bring losses.

Thus, the recent conflicts that had erupted and had later involved the masses reflect stunted egoism. Because no fault has been admitted and no truth accepted. And in the midst of all these pretence, those who seek conflicts so as to sensationalize their existence as political elite, hide behind the masses. This is deception.

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Violence Leading To Anarchy (Suara Timor Lorosae/13/3/01)

The General Executive Coordinator of the presidium of the youth organization, Lorico Aswain Timor Leste (PJLA-TL) Brother Ricardo da Costa said that the recent acts of violence lead to anarchy. "These measures are the same as those carried out by the militia and are clearly irresponsible. They seems to be acts of those who do not want East Timor to be an independent country," Ricardo said to STL, Monday (12/3) after meeting with the President of the CNRT/NC, Xanana Gusmao in the CNRT headquarters at Balide Raihun.

"I represent the presidium in condemning and rejecting all acts carried out by irresponsible elements who are out to destabilize. And I hope that in this democratic country, we can approach our peers to share our aspirations through a process that can be accepted by all sides," he said. He clarified that the recent acts such as demonstrations, taunting and even threats to the lives of future national leaders cannot succeed in making the people of East Timor who love the country, not to accept this leader.

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Mari Alkatiri : NC maneuvers to defeat Fretilin (STL/13/3/01)

In the National Council, there are many people manuerving to no good ends. They think that we are all stupid. We know them all. Maneuvering here and there to destroy Fretilin. When they are discussing law they are maneuvering here and there.

The biggest maneuver is to individual national candidature. Because they think that Xanana Gusmao will be the individual candidate and that he will try to steal Fretilin's votes for himself.

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