Subject: East Timor news /22 March 2001

East Timor press headlines /22 March 2001

Translations from TP= Timor Post

  1. East Timor May Be denied Entry Into ASEAN (TP)
  2. Party KOTA Does Not Agree On Dissolving CNRT/NC (TP) 
  3. Falur: FDTL's Infrastructure Is Not Totally Complete (TP)

East Timor May Be denied Entry Into ASEAN (TP/22/3/01)

East Timor could be denied entry into ASEAN because at the same time it plans to become a member of the South Pacific Forum. The Indonesian Government has no objection to East Timor joining ASEAN as it is located in Southeast Asia. This was said by the Director General of ASEAN co-operation, Department of Foreign Affairs of Indonesia, Ardian Silalahi to reporter after the "Symposium on the ASEAN Community," at the North Sumatra University campus at Jalan Dr. Mansyur in Medan, Tuesday (20/3).

"We have heard that, apart from wanting to join ASEAN, East Timor also wanted to be a member of the South Pacific Forum. If that is true, it will not be accepted by ASEAN. That is the agreement," he said.According to Ardian, a country must fulfil several conditions to be a member of ASEAN. Among which, it has to declare its attitude toward the "Bangkok Declaration" that has become the landmark on the founding of ASEAN on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok.

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Party KOTA Does Not Agree On Dissolving CNRT/NC (TP/22/3/01)

Party KOTA disagrees that CNRT/NC be dissolved prior to the setting up of the Constituent Assembly after the August 2001 General Elections. Clementino Amaral, Secretary-General of Party KOTA made the statement to journalists after an audience with the Bishop of Dili Diocese, Mgr Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, SDB at Lecidere, Dili, Wednesday (21/3). Commenting on the dissolution of CNRT/NC around July 2001, he expressed his regret. "I regret," he said briefly. According to this prominent figure of human rights, CNRT is a uniting umbrella in East Timor. At the National Congress of CNRT/NC in August 2000, many members called for the continued existence of CNRT /NC until the establishment of the new government.

"I do not agree because the uniting umbrella should still continue, until the elections and the adoption of the constituent. When everything is successfully carried out, then CNRT can dissolve. To be dissolve in mid-course is not good, although there are those who say that the dissolution is due to the demand of the political process." He said. A few days ago, CNRT/NC president Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao stated in Radio UNTAET that CNRT/NC would be dissolved around July 2001 as it has already succeeded in accompanying the people of East Timor to be separated from Indonesia.

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Falur: FDTL's Infrastructure Is Not Totally Complete (TP/22/3/01)

Aileu - Commander Falur Rate Kaek of the East Timor Defence Force (FDTL) said that there are still many difficulties that need to be addressed in the training of the soldiers of FDTL in the Aileu cantonment. In particular, the infrastructure is not totally complete. Commander Falur spoke to TP in the FDTL encampment in Aileu on Wednesday (21/3). There are still many difficulties as the FDTL is newly set up. Infrastructure such as houses, caserne, mess rooms and proper kitchen equipment are still lacking.

"Despite the difficulties, we are continuing in our training. Everything has to be done according to procedure. In the past, we did not know that we would receive uniforms for the training. Neither did we know that we would receive Taekwondo uniforms for Taekwondo training," he said.

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