Subject: Local Media Monitoring - APRIL 22, 2003



APRIL 22, 2003

STL 1. On April 16, there was an incident at Baucau National Hospital between some Timor-Leste National Police guards and an ununiformed Falintil-FDTL soldier. The soldier went to visit a member of his family in hospital who was under police guard. The soldier was not allowed to enter before a weapons check was done. The incident is being investigated by the PNTL Chief Commander Mr Paulo Martins and the Falintil-FDTL Vice Commander Mr Lere Anan Timur.

2. The Executive Director of the East Timor Study Group, Mr Joao Saldanha has analyzed the Government's National Budget for the fiscal year 2002/2003 and has criticized the Government for the procedure they used in getting the budget approved. For this fiscal year 2002/2003, Mr Saldanha said the Government had already spent six months worth of the Budget before it went to Parliament. According to Mr Saldanha the budget should first be submitted to the Parliament for approval, and then implemented.

Timor Post 1. During an interview with Timor Post, the Speaker of the National Parliament, Mr Lu-Olo explained the Government regulation N0.1/2003 regarding visas. This regulation will be superseded with the new Immigration Law. According to Lu-Olo the new Immigration Law consists of four categories for visa applications. They are : The tourist visa, the employee visa, the student/researcher visa and the diplomatic corps visa.

During yesterday's Parliamentary session Mr Lu-Olo answered to a question put to him by a member of PSD party, Ms Lucia Lobato about visas for expats nuns working in Timor-Leste. Mr Lu-Olo explained that all citizens should be equal before the law, but he said special consideration would be given to religious institutions.

2.Timor Post also tells the same story as described in the STL regarding the PNTL & FALINTIL- FDTL incident.

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