Subject: Local Media Monitoring - APRIL 24, 2003




The Secretary of State for Commerce and Industry, Mr Arlindo Rangel was detained last Saturday by a entrepreneur in the entrepreneur's warehouse in Dili. Mr Rangel and his staff had gone to the warehouse for a spot inspection where it was alleged that iron scrap was been exported without the correct documention. The warehouse owner threatened the State's Secretary and his staff by insulting them.

Realizing that they had arrived at the warehouse without a security escort Mr Rangel and his staff ran into the warehouse and closed the gate behind them. When inside the warehouse he contacted the police for urgent assistance. A few minutes later police arrived and arrested the entrepreneur. The case has now become complicated because of an United Nations Police officer's intervention when he allegedly freed the entrepreneur from custody. The Deputy to the Special Representative of the Secretary General, Mr Sukehiro Hasegawa told reporters that the case is still under investigation.

2. Article 128 of the Immigration Law has been passsed by Parliament. Revenues from visas will be distributed to three sectors: Government 80%, Timor-Leste National Police 10% and Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation 10%. According to Opposition Parties, this article once again reinforced Government's open corruption.

STL 1.

Timor-Leste National Police institutional building capacity workshop was closed yesterday (23-04-03) by Prime Minister, Mr Mari Alkatiri. Many issues were discussed in the workshop in order to enhance the institution's quality and professionalism (there was a large photograph but no more detailed news regarding the workshop).

2. A member of the Parliament from the Democratic Party, Mr Rui Menezes, said that he agreed with the criticism by the East Timor Study Group of the Parliament being nothing more then a "rubber stamp" for the Government. He also emphasized the Government's financial mismanagement. According to Mr Menezes the Government's behavior is not in line with donor's guidelines.

3. Prime Minister, Mr Mari Alkatiri has said that the Baucau incident where an ununiformed Falintil-FDTL soldier was beaten by police guards in the hospital was a personal issue, not an issue between the two institutions (Falintil-FDTL & PNTL).

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