April 2003 

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Late April 

April 7 - 12
Aussie immigration minister rejects Gusmao visa plea
Timorese refugees in Australia may stay in limbo
Controversial immigration Bill under fire

Prostitution Crackdown In East Timor
Timor's helping hand
Healing Hand
Hard year re-planning a city in the wake of 'war'
Friendship link forged across the sea

Opposition parties unite against Fretilin
Protocol of National Unity Platform (text)
Local Media Monitoring - APRIL 8, 2003
Fretilin dismisses joint opposition call for 'national unity' gov't
FM Ramos Horta makes no comment on PM's 'indiscipline' charge

Xanana - Challenges for Peace and Stability
Xanana on Preparing for the future

Indonesia urged to register assets left behind in ET
Refugee plan affected by capture of ex-fighters
Instrumental help

April 1 - 6
Rebuilding the Health System in East Timor
Corruption is the big threat for East Timorese, warns Gusmao
Call to rethink Australia's refugee deportation
UN- Security Council adjusts police force, slows pull-out of UN troops 
Iraq Conflict divides Timor's leaders 
East Timor- Land border demarcated by June

Timorese Refugees' Policy Immoral
East Timor gets a coffee break
Australia-E. Timor treaty on oil, gas comes into force

FM Ramos Horta makes no comment on PM's 'indiscipline' charge 
Ramos Horta asks Portugal to keep Dili's needs in world spotlight 
FM Ramos Horta urges Portuguese to invest despite difficulties
Portugal reaffirms aid commitments to FM Ramos Horta

Infant East Timor Facing Profound Crisis - Is Anybody Listening?
Partido Democratico- Political Statement 24 March 2003

VICGOV- Victoria Delivers Building Code for ET
Ramos Horta seeks greater engagement by Vatican, Italy

Local Media Monitoring - April 1-4, 2003
Local Media Monitoring - March 31, 2003

Late April
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