Subject: Daily Media Review 15 October


Dili, 15 October 2003

Daily Media Review

Bassarewan: One Must Be Careful Before Applying for a Loan

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Aicha Bassarewan said on Tuesday that the government of Timor-Leste has developed a plan and strategies for the country, and that it does not intend to apply for loans, either from the World Bank, IMF or the Asean Development Banks. (TP)

Tilman: New Coins Will Facilitate Daily Life (TP)

The Vice President of Parliament's Commission C, Manuel Tilman told Timor Post on Monday, that the introduction of the new coins "centavos" or "dollar Timor" will facilitate the daily life of the Timorese people. Tilman said the coins would be more realistic with the market trading prices, adding that it would equalize prices, of goods otherwise small goods will be sold for US$1. (TP)

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