Subject: LUSA: Security Council debates 'indispensable' aid after UN pull-out

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East Timor: Security Council debates 'indispensable' aid after UN pull-out

United Nations, New York, Oct. 15 (Lusa) - The UN Security Council meets Wednesday to discuss a report on the world`s newest nation by Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Annan`s report, published last week, points out that "real progress" has been achieved in Dili since Timor`s independence on May 20, 2002, the start of the current UNMISET (UN mission of Support in East Timor).

However, Annan cautions that international aid will continue to be "indispensable" to Timor after UNMISET`s scheduled withdrawal from the country in May, 2004.

The UN chief calls attention to Timor`s police force, noting it has often been accused of "poor conduct", bribery and excessive use of force.

Annan also highlights deficiencies in Timor`s public administration, such as a shortage of foreign advisers, with only 86 of 209 promised key posts having being filled due to delays in bilateral aid programs.

East Timor will remain dependant on international backing for "some time" in sectors such as finance, justice, internal administration, infrastructures and political structures, Annan`s report forecast.

Diplomatic sources have told Lusa it is unlikely the Security Council will adopt a formal position on Annan`s alert, although the debate could signal the future attitude of Dili`s main aid partners.

Annan`s report says more concrete decisions on post-UNMISET cooperation will only be taken early next year.


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