Subject: Daily Media Review 16 October 2003


Dili, 16 October 2003 Daily Media Review

A Member of CPD-RDTL Beaten to Death

A member of CPD-RDTL was beaten to death by a group of people in Viqueque last Friday, reported Suara Timor Lorosae on Thursday. The victim, Jose Antonio passed away while receiving medical treatment at Viqueque hospital. According to Baucau District Prosecutor Domingos Barreto the cause of the incident and the people involved are still under investigation . (STL)

Funds Misused by Public Works Official

An official from the Department of Public Works has been suspected of misusing government funds totaling US$220.000. It is allegedly that the funds, donated by the Japanese Engineering Group (JEG) was used to purchase heavy duty vehicles such as tractors, that were not included in the department budget, reported the media. According to MP Francisco Branco (Fretilin) the person works for the Ministry of Transport Telecommunications and Public Works. (TP, STL)

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