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Subject: ACTU:Interim Agreement Sees East Timorese Aviation Workers Return To Work

22 October 2003

Interim Agreement Sees East Timorese Aviation Workers Return To Work

An interim agreement reached between the East Timorese Maritime and Transport Workers Union (Uniaun Maritima no Transporte Timor Lorosae) and Timor Aviation Services has resulted in aviation employees ending their two week strike action.

The agreement facilitated by the East Timorese peak union body the KSTL with the assistance of the ACTU resolves a number of issues between the parties and establishes a framework for ongoing discussions for the finalisation of a collective agreement.

The interim agreement provides for:

  • Agreement to finalise a collective agreement within two to three weeks.
  • Parties to abide by East Timorese Labour Codes.
  • An interim pay increase of 12.5% (10% from 1 July 2003 and 2.5% from 1 November 2003).
  • The introduction of transport allowances.
  • The introduction of penalty payments.

The agreement also allows for the arbitration of the unfair dismissal claims by the two Timor Aviation Services employees terminated due to their alleged refusal to perform work as directed.

The union and the employer are urging the East Timorese Government to move quickly to finalise the establishment of the Industrial Arbitration system. It is expected that the case between Sabino Adonia and Clemintino Pereira will be the first formal industrial arbitration case under the new system established by the recently adopted Labour Code.

Mr Adonia as the unionís representative signed the agreement on behalf of all Timor Aviation Servicesí employees. The employees returned to work on Friday 17 October.

The parties have agreed to work constructively together to finalise a collective agreement and to do so as a matter of urgency. Harvey World Travel

Flowing from this dispute there have been a number of statements regarding the Harvey World Travel franchisees in Darwin and Dili. The directors of these companies are also directors of Timor Aviation Services. It is recognised that these are separate companies and that Harvey World Travel is not involved in the dispute with Timor Aviation Services. Charges against Mr Mick Killick

Australian unionist Mick Killick is vigorously defending charges of failure to obey a lawful direction, resisting arrest and assault laid by UN police. Mr Killick was arrested at the Dili airport picket line. Mr Killick sustained injuries during the arrest and was detained for several days. Mr Killickís defence team is confident that should the matter proceed to a full hearing the charges will not be proved.

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