Subject: Today's Media Monitoring, October 24 2003


Dili, 23 October 2003

Daily Media Review

Korean Government Will Donated Health Equipment to TL

The Head of the Korean Defence Force, Colonel General Kim Yun Suk told the media on Wednesday that his government will donate health and military equipment worth US$38 million to the Timorese Government. Suk said the equipment would be handed over when the Korean battalion completes its mission in Timor-Leste at the end of October. He added that many Korean NGOs would continue to work in Timor-Leste and that a media crew has been filming the living conditions of the Timorese people to show in his country. (TP, STL)

PKF Will be Reduced

UN-PKF Commandant Lieutenant General Khairuddin Bin Mat Yusof told media on Wednesday, that by January PKF will be reduced from 3500 to 1750 personnel. He made the above statement after attending a farewell ceremony for Singaporean Peacekeepers in Singaro Lines, Suai district. The Force Commander said the main reduction would start with the Portuguese Battalion, which is currently responsible for Eastern Sector. He said the Thai Battalion Hospital and the Japanese Engineering Group (JEG) would be maintained until the end of the mission. (STL)

PM Alkatiri: Timor-Leste Wants to Learn from Malaysia

Prime Minister Alkatiri said on Wednesday that Timor-Leste would like to learn from Malaysia's experience to respond to the challenges of economic development. Speaking to the media while awaiting the arrival of the Malaysian Prime Minister at Dili airport, Alkatiri said that Malaysia is country free of foreign debt because the Malaysian people worked hard for its development. He added that the visit of Prime Minister Mahatir and Malaysian entrepreneurs is important for Timor-Leste for it symbolizes the strong between the two countries. (TP)

Guritno: Republic of Indonesian and TL Should Forget the Past

The Vice-Chief of the Indonesian Parliamentary Delegation Soetarjo Suryo Guritno stated on Wednesday that Indonesia and Timor-Leste "should forget about the past history or should not reopen the old wound cause otherwise it will be incurable". Guritno made the above comment after being questioned at the National Parliament regarding Timorese who had become victims of the Indonesian Army, TNI. He also pointed out to the Timorese MPs that there are victims from the Indonesian with side as well and proposed the Parliament to consider the Indonesia language as the official language, instead of the Portuguese language. (STL)

Special Panel Sentences Two Former Militia Memebers

On 23 October 2003, Judges at the Special Panels for Serious Crimes convicted Anastacio Martins and Domingos Goncalves of Crimes against humanity. The two former members of the Besi Merah Putih militia group in Liquiça district were sentenced to 11 year 6 months and 15 years imprisonment for crimes committed in Liquiça district in Timor-Leste in September 1999. (SCU)

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