Early October 2003 

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Late October

October 7 - 13
East Timorese Struggling for Survival
Australian union official arrested during industrial row
Timor university holds first graduation ceremony since independence
Lisbon plans major overhaul in education aid programs
Lisbon and Canberra want pro-Jakarta militias out of West Timor
Lisbon official sounds out Australia's aid plans

Agency fears sex tourism in East Timor
Timor Leste tries to woo more tourists
Indonesian military say East Timor border needs more definition

Australia, E.Timor aim to divide resource-rich sea

Daily Media Review 10 October 2003
Local Media Monitoring - OCT 09, 2003
Local Media Monitoring - Oct 08,2003
Daily Media Review 8 October 2003
Local Media Monitoring - OCT 07, 2003
Daily Media Review 7 October 2003
Local Media Monitoring - Oct 06,2003
Daily Media Review 06, 10/2003

October 1 - 3
Timor seeks continued assistance from Malaysia- FM
ADB to give 1.2 million dollars aid to East Timor

Parliament Passed Law on Applicable Law
Lisbon says adoption of Indonesian law no threat to relations
East Timor workers to strike against Australian-owned company
Campaign to get rice to the hungry launched in Portugal

Aussie Oppn calls for independent military investigations

Xanana on the challenges facing Timor Leste
Gusmao flags closer military ties between Indonesia and East Timor
E Timor Struggles To Find Ways To Survive Economically
E.Timor seeks nation-building investments-Gusmao

Students, refugees protest corruption report in Kupang
Refugees from Ermera Reject Reconciliation Meet
Police seize 13.6 tons of sandalwood

Ex-Yugoslav Enemies Working in East Timor
East Timor coach says world's newest nation on road to soccer greatness
Call for Border Shooting Investigation

Daily Media Review 3 October 2003
Local Media Monitoring - October 02,2003
Local Media Monitoring - October 02, 2003
Local Media Monitoring - Sep 30, 2003
Local Media Monitoring - 29 Sep 2003
Daily Media Review 30 September 2003

Late October
September Postings
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