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March 2004 

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Support ETAN! An Appeal from Noam Chomsky

March 21 - 26
Jakarta Judges Slam Army's Timor Crimes
RI to disregard East Timor's SCU on human rights abuse
JSMP: Special Panel For Serious Crimes Acquits A Defendant Of All Charges For The Second Time
Wiranto hits back on UN allegations
UN Team Urges Arrest Of Ex-Military Chief Wiranto

School book causes diplomatic outcry in East Timor
Tiny enclave's quest for peace
Ximenes Belo calls for dialogue with Islamist movements
Flooding hits East Timor, hundreds of houses damaged
Eye team brings hope- Tasmanians reach wilds of Timor

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 
March 31, 2004
March 30, 2004
March 26, 2004
March 25, 2004
March 24, 2004
March 23, 2004
March 22, 2004

Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen Misleads 9-11 Commission; U.S. Assistance to the Indonesian Military Aided Terrorism

Congress Tells Australia to Treat East Timor Fairly; Urges Expeditious Talks on Permanent Maritime Boundary

East Timorese protest Iraq occupation

ETAN: Memo to U.S. Delegation to UN Commission on Human Rights, 60th Session

ETAN: Global Wake-Up Call for Australia: Stop Stealing East Timor’s Resources & Trampling on Its New Independence
E Timor Coalition (CIITT): Statement for Australia Day

Take Action:
Tell Australia to Stop Stealing East Timor's Resources and East Timor's Future!

ETAN: Question the Candidates: Election 2004 & East Timor and Indonesia
Alert: Co-Sponsors Needed to Support Peace and Human Rights in Aceh

LH Bulletin: March 2004: Bulletin Vol 5, No. 2: East Timor Government's Budget Deficit
LH Bulletin: January 2004: Bulletin Vol 5, No. 5: Bank Payments Authority

March 15 - 21
Ex-Diplomat- Australia Shares Blame For E Timor Occupation
International Accomplices in Genocide

Gusmão says he won't seek second presidential term
Dili Demo Against War in Iraq
Poor work practices blamed for man's death in E Timor

Lottery determines which ET home to receive lighting from aid

Indonesia in no hurry to sign ICC accord with U.S.
Don't make monkeys of us, screech bureaucrats
UN Staffers asked to abide by immigration rules in W Timor

East Timorese Appeal for Justice
JRH at UN Human Rights Commission
AI: Recommendations on Timor-Leste to UN Commission on HR

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 
March 19, 2004

March 17, 2004
March 16, 2004
March 15, 2004

Timor Sea Updates
Timor Sea Cartoon  
Nicholson of "The Australian" newspaper

Congress Tells Australia to Treat East Timor Fairly; Urges Expeditious Talks on Permanent Maritime Boundary

 Alkatiri voices concerns over ALP support for the Sunrise Agreement
E Timor Calls Canberra Unfair on Oil & Gas Revenues
Australian Lawmakers Expected To OK Timor Gas Deal
Bid for Timor billions in trust

East Timor- Australia’s double betrayal E Timor PM slams Australian Govt
MUA Resolution Condemns Howard on Greater Sunrise
GLW: East Timor: Australia’s double betrayal*
U.S. calls for fair Timor deal
ABC: Congress calls for fair play over Timor Sea (Interview with Barney Frank)*

Calls for renewed efforts to settle Timor Sea minerals reserves issues
Woodside Studies East Timor Pipeline For Sunrise Gas
Australian Govt Trying To Rush Timor Bills Through Parliament
Australian Lower House Approves Treaty on Gas Field
USTDA Awards Grant for Petroleum Sector Technical Assistance to Timor-leste*

FRETILIN Parliamentary Caucus, National Parliament release Bribery Case Rocks Timor Treaty
PM Alkatiri categorically denies allegations of corruption.
Small U.S. Oil Firm Files Suit Over Oil Rights in East Timor
Australian Government Cautious On East Timor Oil Claim
East Timor confident will win legal battle Australian

Parliamentary Debate on Sunrise Agreement
Senate Debate on Sunshine March24; March 25; March 29*
Senate Economics Committee Report*Senate Economics Committee Hearing 22 March 2004*
Senate Inquiry into the provisions of the Greater Sunrise Unitisation Agreement Implementation Bill 2004 and Customs Tariff Amendment (Greater Sunrise) Bill 2004* (Submissions)*
Australian Senate on Greater Sunrise IUA 10 March 2004*
Australian House on Greater Sunrise IUA 10 March 2004*

Democrats: Australia lets greed get in the way of friendship with Timor
Democrats: Greater sunrise rip off:  Where's the good faith?*
Greens: East Timor racket*
Greens: MP attacks government over Timor gas field legislation*
Greens: Australia must give East Timor its oil and gas*
Australian Democrats: Government should hold greater sunrise gas revenue in Trust*

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March 8 - 14
President Xanana Gusmao condemns Madrid bombings
Refugees can no longer reclaim assets

Council backs Timor project
Timor Minister Visits Brunei
Int'l Women's Day- UN Wants More Women Peace Builders
Timor welcomes police plan
Indonesia's top court upholds acquittal in E. Timor case
New row over journalists' deaths 30 years ago

Pope appoints new head of E Timor Catholic church
Two Bishops Named in East Timor

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 
March 12, 2004
March 11, 2004
March 10, 2004
March 9, 2004
March 8, 2004

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JSMP: Justice Update 8 - 22 March 04
TLGOV: Ramos Horta at Human Rights Commission

USAID: Community Radio Offers Everyone a Voice
IOM: EU funds community stabilization project
USAID: Government Land Office Gains Mapping Skills

UN: Report of the UN High Commissioner for HR on the situation of human rights in Timor-Leste
UN: ECOSOC Examines Resource Mobilization To Implement Action Plan for World's Poorest Countries

ESCAP: Geology and Mineral Resources of Timor-Leste

NT Government forging links with Timor Leste

KNIGHTLine International (Summer 2003 Issue) with The Post Presses On; New Media for a New Country  

IFRC: East Timor: Floods Information Bulletin No. 03/04

Radio National - Hindsight: Timor - Debt of 1942

AI: Section Directors appeal to Indonesia political parties to political parties to make human rights a priority

HRW: Justice Denied in East Timor Church Massacre Acquittal of Five Officials Highlights Need for U.N. Mechanism
SCU: Special Panel Judges Travel to Oecussi to Hold Passabe
JSMP: E. Timor Justice Update (1-7 March 2004)
SCU: Former Liquica Militiaman Sentenced to 3 Years
USAID: National Debate Focuses on Justice System Issues  

Internews Facilitates Media Law Reform in East Timor

UN: Protecting Peacekeepers from AIDS

USAID: Women Learn New Small Business Skills

UN: Enhancing women’s participation in electoral processes in post conflict countries: Experiences form East Timor
UNIFEM: Promoting Women's Post-Conflict Participation

Radio National: Late Night Live Interview with Alkatiri

Friends of Alieu: Cr Andy Ingham Aileu Scholarship

USAID: Monitoring Unit Documents Gender Inequalities in the Media

World Bank: Young Timorese Take to the Airwaves

MFAC: Timor-Leste receives $644,000 from USTDA for petroleum sector

MFAC: Australia donates books to Timor-Leste library

Under Pressure - FALINTIL - Forças de Defesa de Timor Leste: Three Decades of Defence Force Development in Timor Leste 1975 - 2004 by Edward Rees (Drafted at the request of the Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces, Geneva, Switzerland)

Amnesty Int'l: Guns and Police: Standards to Prevent Misuse


March 1 - 7
Coffee Smugglers Threaten E. Timor's Future
XG- The 3rd National Dialogue on Justice
WFP EMERGENCY REPORT No. 10 - 2004 of 5 March
Powell on ET, UN, IMET

Congress: Letter to Powell on UN in East Timor

Brazilian NGO to assist Dili in teaching of Portuguese

Tutut visits militia
E. Nusa Tenggara Police Seize 691 Firearms
Wiranto - Return of the Strongman?
Dear Colleague on Papua Killings
Smuggling from Indonesia to East Timor gets out of hand

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 
March 5, 2004

March 4, 2004
March 3, 2004
March 2, 2004
March 1, 2004



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