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May 2004 

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May 22 - 30
Tons of outgoing mail await payment of UN debts to airlines
Tiny Timor Treads Warily Among Giants
Let them eat grass

East Timor to form state council for legal matters
East Timor limbers up for Athens debut
Demonstrators protest Wiranto meeting on Gusmão's return

The UN in East Timor, Lessons for Iraq
UN Force Begins E. Timor Withdrawal; Ends 5-Yr Mission
Timor troops stand to attention

Forgiveness in East Timor, But Where Is the Justice?
Wiranto Victory Will Put U.S. in a Spot
Wiranto meets Amb. Boyce

Extending hand of friendship in a most practical way - Midwives
U.N. report- Globalization failing to halt mass poverty in world's poorest
Australia Police expertise sought in effort to rebuild East Timor

Timor Sea

Bedevilled in the Timor Sea
Ungrateful Timor gets the Downer treatment
Secret Canberra envoy turns up heat on Timor officials
Timor solidarity protests condemn Howard
Maritime border dispute with Australia
Let tribunal draw boundary marker
Gusmao lashes out over oil rights

MKOTT: Statement in Solidarity with Australians for Timor Sea Justice
East Timor struggles for oil with Australia
E. Timor At Risk of Failed State- Oxfam
Fair deal needed for Timor- Latham
Official says Indonesia's Timor Gap stance harms West Timor
Australia threatening East Timor's existence- Gusmao
East Timor seeks NZ help in oil row with Australia

Greens issue election challenge to Labor on East Timor*
Democrats: Timor Birthday Tainted*
Greens: Kofi Annan's words a challenge to Howard - Brown*
Hands Off My Petroleum!*

ABC Four Corners: "Rich Man, Poor Man" on Timor Boundary*
Oxfam Australia: Two years on…What future for an independent East Timor?
Timor Sea Justice Campaign: Howard takes the cake on East Timor’s birthday

Supreme Court clears 3 Indonesian officials in 1999 Timor violence
JRH to meet Alatas in Portugal
East Timor urges UN to drop Alert V in West Timor
Over 10,000 RI E. Timor Assets Remain in Limbo

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring
May 27
May 26
May 24

Exception to the Rulers by Amy Goodman   

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Join ETAN's 2004 Lobby Days, June 6 to 8

Rights Group Calls on East Timor Leadership to Respect Judicial Independence; Demands UN and U.S. Create International Tribunal to Try Wiranto and Others

ETAN Urges International Support for Justice and Control of Resources on Newest Nation’s Birthday

Australia Fails Fairness Test for East Timor; Complex Trade Agreement with U.S. Undermines Australia's Claim on Timor Boundary Talks

TAKE ACTION: Call Your Senators Today to Sign Aceh/Papua Letter to UN

UN Must Not Shortchange Justice for East Timor
ETAN Says Wiranto Must Stand Trial, Not Stand for Office

Spring 2004 Estafeta

East Timor Environmentalist Wins Top Global Award
Movement Against the Occupation of the Timor Sea Launched

Take Action:
Tell Australia to Stop Stealing East Timor's Resources and East Timor's Future!
ETAN: Question the Candidates: Election 2004 & East Timor and Indonesia
Alert: Co-Sponsors Needed to Support Peace and Human Rights in Aceh

LH Bulletin: March 2004: Bulletin Vol 5, No. 2: East Timor Government's Budget Deficit

May 15 - 22
A place to call home
Church Must Work With State For The People

Music Draws E. Timorese Closer to Indonesians
Hundreds of Indonesians in East Timor virtually stateless

SCU: Indonesian Aitarak Militia Commander And Aitarak Militia Member Convicted Of Crimes Against Humanity Murder

Megawati meets E Timor president
Justice sidelined as E Timor courts its neighbour
Kopassus Chiefs Calls for New Ties with Australia
Timor must chose between reconciliation and justice, says former militia leader
Timor accused (Tavares) tears up military deal
Gusmao Reduces Sentences For 3 Militiamen Who Killed Nuns, Clergymen

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 
May 19, 2004

May 18, 2004
May 17, 2004

Timor at Two
Birthday cake at Timor Sea protest in Sydney.   

Sydney, May 20, 2004. Reuters/David Gray


ETAN Urges International Support for Justice and Control of Resources on Newest Nation’s Birthday

On 2nd Anniversary of Restoration of Independence - Xanana
Leaders urge all to work for consolidation of independence

Tapping Timor's transition
East Timor's Lonely Future

Impoverished East Timor celebrates anniversary of independence
E. Timor- Reasons for Cautious Optimism
East Timor at crossroads of success or despair says UN chief
Enough Rope interview with JRH
Dili, Jakarta said 'on alert' for re-emergence of militia activity
Self-Defense Force Ends Mission in ET

More Cash On Its Way For E Timor As Donors Hail Progress
Prime Minister’s Remarks at Opening of TLDPM May 20
Closing Remarks by Prime Minister at TLDPM
Development Partners Meet Welcoming Remarks by Pres Gusmao
'Impressive progress' achieved, says World Bank
Portugal, East Timor intensify cooperation
JRH says extended UN mission chance to re-evaluate needs

UN: Secretary-General appoints Sukehiro Hasegawa of Japan as Special Representative in Timor-Leste
JAPAN: Partial transfer of materials and equipment on the occasion of the withdrawal of SDF troops

UNMISET: UN Hands Over All Policing and Defence Authority to Timor-Leste Government as Current Mission Ends
UNICEF: Dramatic improvements in child health and education noted on Timor Leste's second anniversary
UNDP: Timor-Leste builds democracy but needs to take further steps

May 9 - 15

East Timor- Not Yet Ready To Go It Alone
Australia troops join extended Timor peace mission
Australia plans to leave 100 troops in East Timor

UN Press Release: Security Council Extends UNMISET
UN: Security Council Voices Support for UNMISET extension
UN: Provisional Transcript of 10 May 2004 Security Council*
Statements*: Angola, Australia, India, Indonesia, Ireland (for EU), Japan, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, United States
UN: Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Mission of Support in East Timor, 29 April 2004*
JSMP: UN Sacrifices Justice for Dollars

Girl's death highlights poor healthcare
Indonesian army says it will not withdraw from E Timor border region
Australian journalist arrested and threatened with expulsion

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 
May 14, 2004

May 13, 2004
May 12, 2004
May 11, 2004
May 10, 2004

Support ETAN! An Appeal from Noam Chomsky

Wiranto Warrant
Dili protest calls for Wiranto's prosecution

Protesters in Dili call for prosecution of Wiranto. AFP/Candido Alves.

Rights Group Calls on East Timor Leadership to Respect Judicial Independence; Demands UN and U.S. Create International Tribunal to Try Wiranto and Others
TAPOL: Gusmao Plays a Dangerous Game ETAN Says Wiranto Must Stand Trial, Not Stand for Office

SCU: Wiranto Arrest Warrant Issued by Special Panel 10 May 2004
JSMP/LH: Special Panel Refuses the General Prosecutor’s Motion to review and amend the Wiranto Indictment
  E. Timor Minister Criticizes Gusmao's Meeting with Wiranto
Indonesian presidential candidate hold talks with East Timor leader
Gusmao to Meet Wiranto Despite Horta's Caution
Lay Off Wiranto, Gusmao Tells Law Man
Forwarding Wiranto warrant to Interpol not in E. Timor interest- Prosecutor
Wiranto Thanks Mega after Xanana Meet
Judge denies East Timor prosecutor's motion to review Wiranto charges
If Wiranto becomes president Suharto’s crimes will go unpunished Wiranto Accusers Breach International Law, His Lawyer
Wiranto Should Face Accusers
Protests Against Military Candidates, New Order Continue
Indonesia Pres. Candidates a Mix of Secular and Islamic

Wiranto Reports- FM Shrugs Off Warrant
Wiranto continues to attract controversy
UN Seeks Arrest of Indonesia Presidential Candidate
E Timor prosecutor shifts on Wiranto warrant?
E Timor Needs Continued Assistance, Security Council Told
Attorney General against Wiranto arrest warrant, sees foreign agenda
PM - East Timorese judge issues warrant for Wiranto's arrest
Indonesian authorities unlikely to act on Timorese warrant

Military Objects to 'Truth' in Truth and Reconciliation Bill Wiranto, Susilo Should Speak About the Past
Held Accountable (from Prosecutor for Serious Crimes)
Komnas HAM asked to take up issue of SBY and Wiranto
E Timor to cooperate with Wiranto if elected

CIIR: Indonesia: war criminal stands for president in elections

see also April coverage

May 1 - 8
Rights groups say E Timor amnesty bill undermines justice
Controversial amnesty bill squeezes through parliament in third try
E. Timor PM Says Australian Ransacked His Home
Reporters without Borders: East Timor - 2004 Annual Report

Ex-militia boss to stand trial for 1999 massacre
SCU: Update 30 April 2004

Girl, 12, Chokes To Death On Worms
Paving way for healthier East Timor; Councils host Timor guest
First lady applauds proposal; Plan will aid Timor

New Bishop to Lead Reconciliation among East Timorese
Bishop Belo rules out politics

TNI Regrets ET Pretext for Extending UN Presence
UN team to assess W. Timor security

Australia backs continued U.N. peacekeeper presence in East Timor
Japan not to extend peacekeeping mission in East Timor

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Look After My Generation by Jimmy Compos from Koneksi - Connections" photo exhibition.

JSMP: Justice System in East Timor: Strategic Options to Complement National Development Plans

APCET 5 Conference Statement
APCET 5 Resolution on the UN Tribunal

Amnesty Int'l: Annual Report 2004 on East Timor; Indonesia
USGOV: Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: The U.S. Record 2003-2004 (Indonesia)

Kirsty Sword Gusmao on UN SC Resolution 1325 on women and peace

JAPGOV: Partial transfer of materials and equipment
UN: Budget committee considers financing of peacekeeping operations in Haiti, Timor-Leste

Radio TV Timor-Leste website

Facing Challenges & Making Progress. Timor Leste Development Partners' Meeting Dili, May 17-19, 2004
Under Pressure. Falintil - Forças de Defesa de Timor Leste. Three Decades of Defence Force in Timor Leste: 1975-2004, DCAF, April 2004

JSMP: Courts Cannot Function Due To Budget Bungle
USAID: Report Findings Help the Government Tackle Land Dispute Legislation; Microfinance Lender Reaches Out to Rural Poor
UNDP: TL's Street Children Given New Chance International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - Annual Report on East Timor
USAID: Forums Explore the Role of Democracy in East Timor

New Timor Law Journal website

MFAC: Community of Democracies Visits TL
TLGOV: Decree on Orthographical Standard of the Tetum Language

UNMISET: TL Gov Tables Concrete Action Plans to End Corruption
UNMISET: Bringing New Voice to East Timor’s Justice System
UNMISET: Progress in Rebuilding East Timor's Prison System

Boletim Económico do "Banco Central" de Timor Leste, April 2004 English version
ADB: Timor-Leste Economy Recovering in 2004 and 2005

UN Volunteers to assist census in Timor-Leste
UN: Report of the UN High Commissioner for HR on the situation of human rights in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring 
May 7, 2004
May 6, 2004
May 5, 2004
May 3, 2004 - newly appointed Dili Bishop

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