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November 2004 

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 Winter 2004-05
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A Message from Noam Chomsky: Donate to ETAN's Annual Appeal

TAKE ACTION: East Timor still yearns for justice, Only the U.N. can provide it

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: October 2004: Special Panels for Serious Crimes; Nigeria Exchange

U.S. Congress Maintains Restrictions on Military Assistance for Indonesia

East Timor NGOs Urge U.S. Congress to End Assistance to Indonesian Military & to Work for Justice & International Tribunal

ETAN Urges New Indonesian President to Pursue Justice for Victims of East Timor’s Occupation
TAPOL open letter to SBY on the occasion of his inauguration as President of Indonesia on 20 October 2004

Members of Congress Oppose U.S. Assistance to Unreformed, "Corrupt" Indonesian Military U.S. Senate Continues Restrictions on Military and IMET Assistance for Indonesia; Senator Feingold (D-WI) on justice for East Timor

“Military Has Already Won” Indonesian Election, Says ETAN, Neither Candidate Likely to Limit Military

LH: Submission to the TSO and TSDA regarding the Proposed Petroleum Regime
LH: The Case for Saving Sunrise

November 22 - 26
XG- Speech at Seminar on Role of UN in T-L

Militias Still a Threat

Viet Nam, East Timor enhance cooperation
NT seeks to strengthen ties with E Timor over fishing
Indonesian Deported from ET Complain to Indonesian Foreign Ministry

UN extends support for E.Timor
Lisbon funds USD 1.3 mn project to bring water to Ataúro Island

Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring 
November 26 2004

November 25 2005
November 24 2004
November 23 2004
November 22 2004

Timor Sea

Protester, Australia

Estafeta: East Timor’s Oil: Blessing or Curse?

E Timor loses faith in gas talks
Indonesian, Australian navies discuss joint patrols in Timor Gap

Oil income could last until 2035, says PM
Woodside Pulls Out of US$5.2 Billion Timor Sea Gas Project
BHP sale of Timor Sea oil fields to Paladin in doubt

E Timor PM In No Hurry For Sunrise Gas Deal

Alkatiri - All East Timor seeks is a fair go
Timor-Leste Civil Society Demands a Fair Maritime Boundary
Letters to Editor on Timor Sea

Timor in $2.6bn oil claim
Sunrise deadline dismissed by East Timor
ET PM says deal over Timor Sea gas unlikely by December target date
Talks on Timor Gap reserves collapse
Australia warns on Timor Sea project
Alkatiri in Perth session on LNG
Gas plant must be on our soil- Timor

Oil wealth must be "blessing not curse" - PM Alkatiri
Timor-Leste government launches public consultation on Petroleum Fund, 18 October

Most Australians support ICJ determining Timor boundary: poll Unease at restart of Timor Sea talks
ET NGO statement on ET-Australia boundary talks
Letters on Timor Sea

Submissions to the Timor Sea Office and the Timor Sea Designated Authority regarding the Proposed Petroleum Regime for Timor-Leste

see also: ETAN Timor Sea page

November 14 - 19 
Timor may lose patrol boats given by Portugal
Indon Gov't Urged to Draw Up Repatriation Scheme for Border-Crossers
Indonesia reports detention of Muslims in E Timor over visa violations

Australia accused of backing Indonesia on East Timor
Aust spies working for Indon, ex-spy officer claims

ETAN's Chris Lundy featured in article on student activism

D. Kingsbury on UNMISET renewal
U.N. East Timor mission enters final six months

Victoria's gift of sight to Timorese
On T-L Ministry of Interior weapons purchases
JRS holds seminar on durable solutions in West Timor 

Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring 
November 19 2004
November 18 2004
November 17 2004
November 16 2004
November 15 2004

Human Rights and Justice

Estafeta: Timor Still Awaits Justice; Congress Takes on TNI, Justice, Australia
East Timor NGOs Urge U.S. Congress to End Assistance to Indonesian Military & to Work for Justice & International Tribunal

La'o Hamutuk Bulletin: October 2004: Special Panels for Serious Crimes

JSMP Conference Report on JUSTICE FOR TIMOR LESTE: Civil Society Strategic Planning English Tetum
Open Society Institute and the Coalition for International Justice: Unfulfilled Promises: Achieving Justice for Crimes Against Humanity in East Timor (PDF)

Former Aitarak Militia members convicted by Special Panels for Serious Crimes
Time runs out for Timor justice
Eight ex-militiamen sentenced for crimes against humanity
NGOs concerned about Indonesia's nomination to chair UN rights body

Indon Hosts Major Arms Expo as Concern Over Military Abuses Persist
U.S., RI military ties remain in the balance

Former ET governor calls for arbitration in human rights cases
Reopening East Timor cases possible, says AGO
Impunity in Indonesia
Indonesia To Honor Abilio Soares Verdict; Will Review Procedure
Intl Tribunal Could Try Rights Abusers
Indonesian FM- Release of Abilio to Affect International Opinion
Letter to SG from Int'l Human Rights Groups

East Timor's Ex-Governor Released from Jail
Abilio acquittal 'erodes trust in rights tribunal'
East Timor's unfinished business
BBC/AP: Court to free E. Timor governor
AGO told to also focus on human rights cases
Indonesia presumptuous to nominate itself as head of UN rights commission

JSMP: Trial Hearings Before the Baucau District Court

TAPOL: Human Rights - The continuing search for truth and justice

Human Rights Watch - Safeguard Rights in Indonesia: Letter to Recently Elected Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yodhoyono

JSMP Report: Access to Justice for Women Victims
JSMP: Court Of Appeal Overturns Decision Of Acquittal Of The Special Panel for Serious Crimes
JSMP: Admissibility Of Prior Statements As Evidence Before The Special Panels Serious Crimes
JSMP: Execution of the Court's Decision in the Virgilio Smith Case

November 7 - 14
Annan- East Timor Mission Should Continue
UN: Progress report of the Secretary-General on the UNMISET (for the period from 14 August to 9 November 2004)

East Timor lends assistance to quake-hit Indonesia
Banda Sea quake scares, opens cracks, but causes no injuries

Indonesia 'spied on Australians'
Xanana - 12 November Message to the Nation
Hand of friendship held out
President Gusmao conveys his condolences to the Palestinian People

Beijing embassy to open next year, says PM Alkatiri
China to further cooperation with East Timor

Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring 
November 11 2004

November 10 2004
November 09 2004
November 08 2004

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Exception to the Rulers by Amy Goodman   
Donate $100 or more to ETAN and receive a signed copy of Amy Goodman's new book  Exception to the Rulers as a thank you gift!

Timor Leste at Tiger Cup Soccer Tournament

MFAC: DR. Jose Ramos-Horta Arrival in Australia ahead to the 3rd Ministerial meeting on the South West Pacific Dialogue

ABC: Rebuilding East Timor - East Timorese carpenters - honing their skills in Broome; Sue Clarke-East Timor volunteer

WB: World Bank Finances Road Rehabilitation to Oecussi
WB: World Bank Sanctions Companies in Timor-Leste School Project

Banking and Payments Authority of Timor-Leste: Economic Bulletin, Volume 2, Number 3, October 2004 (PDF)

Church World Service East Timor: Reports on World AIDS campaign

USAID: Timorese Mothers and Children Fight Malaria with Special Mosquito Nets

UN: Security Council extends Timor-Leste Mission for final six months

UN: Security Council speakers support extension of Timor-Leste Mission for final six months, until 20 May 2005 Statements by UN SRSG Hasegawa, Australia; Indonesia, Japan; New Zealand; Portugal; Singapore; Timor Leste; United States
UN: Security Council Provisional Verbatim on Timor-Leste Progress report

TAPOL Statement on Munir's Assassination
Right Livelihood Award: 'Alternative Nobel' laureates demand investigation  into Indonesian activist's poisoning death

Internews provides talk show training to community radio

WB: Timorese Officials Discuss Sustainable Land Use Policies

New official Tourism Site in English and Portuguese

Earthbeat: Riding the Wave in East Timor (environmental issues)

RA: The Law Report - Property Rights: East Timor; Adverse Possession

UN: Day-long Security Council debate on issue of Women, Peace, Security; Problems of oppression, exploitation stressed

World Bank: Timor-Leste: World Bank Endorses Third Transition Support Program

UN: Fifth Committee Recommends Budgets for Peacekeeping Missions in Timor-Leste, Sierra Leone, Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Haiti

USAID: Country profile : HIV/AIDS

Claire Rawnsley - East Timor, A Theology of Death: Massacres, Memorials; Rites and Reconciliation

New Timor-Leste government website

November 1 - 6
TNI Wins With Bush's Re-Election [+Hassan Wants Military Ties]
Indonesia Looks to China for Arms Supplies [+ASEAN Security]
ADF should avoid Kopassus ties- report

Bega Friendship agreement with Timor-Leste
Portuguese state-owned oil giant Galp mulls investments in East Timor

Maluku-East Timor to discuss border issue
FM Ramos Horta proposes fusion of Lisbon, Madrid's aid programs

Timor - Leste International and Local Media Monitoring 
November 05 2004
November 04 2004
November 03 2004
November 01 2004


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