Subject: No political, military pressure in Bush visit: Indonesian minister

No political, military pressure in Bush visit: Indonesian minister

JAKARTA, November 6 (AFP) -- Indonesian Defence Minister Juwono Sudarsono said Monday political or military issues would not be discussed during US President George W. Bush's impending visit.

However, Sudarsono said Indonesia would declare its intent "to maintain good relations with all those who want to enter into partnerships with us, whether they are Russia, China, India or South Korea".

He was alluding to Indonesia's drive to diversify its sources of weaponry. Indonesia has increasingly sought military equipment from countries other than the US, its traditional key source.

Sudarsono told journalists the agenda of discussions during the Bush visit of a few hours here on November 20 would be on "a framework of cooperation that is fundamental in nature -- education, health, the matter of disaster prevention and the avian flu".

"There is no relation whatsoever with (any) political or military pressure," Sudarsono said.

He said military relations, especially after the revocation of a US military embargo on Indonesia, "will not be specifically discussed".

Hundreds of Indonesian Muslims rallied outside the US embassy in Jakarta Saturday to protest Bush's planned visit, which is part of a regional tour following the annual Asia- Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Vietnam in November.

------------------------------------------ Joyo Indonesia News Service

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