Subject: TLParl: Parliament and FONGTIL signed a cooperation agreement


Dili, November 8 2006

The National Parliament and FONGTIL signed a cooperation agreement

Today, November 8 2006, the Director of the National Parliament, Mr. Adelino Afonso de Jesus, and the Executive Director of FONGTIL, Mrs. Maria Angelina Lopez Sarmento, signed a cooperation agreement through which the NGOs forum of Timor-Leste commits itself to distributing the educational material produced by the National Parliament within its Civic Education Program.

The National Parliament of Timor-Leste, as mouth-piece of the people’s will and as permanent institution with the role to improve the State of Democratic Rights, adopted one year ago the policy “Take the National Parliament to the citizens”.

This strategy/practice consists of the implementation of different programs with the objective to improve the constituents’ awareness of different Parliament related issues, to deepen the Timorese knowledge of the activity and role of this Sovereign Institution as well as to improve its image.

After an induction session, seven District Liaison Officers of FONGTIL will distribute the educational material to local NGOs, Community’s leaders and youth groups in all the districts.

“It is fundamental that the citizens from all Timor-Leste’s districts receive clear information on the important role of the National Parliament”, said Mr. Adelino Afonso de Jesus, “the effective communication network established by FONGTIL will contribute to strengthening the existent relationship between this Sovereign Organ and the Constituents”.

Mrs. Maria Angelina Lopez Sarmento express gratitude for the confidence placed in her organization.

Alessandra Ronchi Assessora de Relações Públicas e Comunicação Parlamento Nacional Email: alessandra.ronchi @ Telefone: +670 727 2662.

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