Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 9 November 2006

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Thursday, 09 November 2006


National Media Reports

F-FDTL Cannot Be Active Until Problem Is Resolved

President of PSD, Mario Carrascalao said the government must first resolve the problems of the petitioners and Major Alfredo Reinado before F-FDTL becomes active stressing the crisis began with the petitioners. He further said the Notable Commission, which was established by the government, could now resolve the problem. Meanwhile Prime Minister Ramos-Horta said the Defence Forces would become active and continue their daily activities at their headquarters in Tasi Tolu and will not provide internal security, as it is not their role. Ramos-Horta added their reactivation follows the result of the COI report, clearing the institution of a massacre. The Prime Minister and Minister of Defence pointed out that the F-FDTL depends on the 20:20 plan, and how F-FDTL can cooperate with the international forces and what their role in a global context will be. (STL)

Vice-Minister Resigns From Post

Isabel Ferreira yesterday submitted her resignation letter for her post as Vice-Minister for Justice following a request by the President of the Republic to the Prime Minister due to the dual positions she is currently holding. Ferreira said when she was invited to take on the position of Vice-Minister she agreed on the condition that she would continue to serve as the CVA [Commission on Truth and Friendship] Commissioner. But now she has been asked to resign as Vice-Minister of Justice. She said the leaders have not been consistent with their original decision. (TP)

PSD Doubts Parliament Commission

MP Joao Goncalves (PSD) doubts that the work of the Parliamentary Commission, to analyse and evaluate the COI report, would be efficient as it does not have the power to take those responsible to court. Goncalves said the Commission could only carry out further investigations and gathering evidence from people who have not been heard yet. He further said the Commission should at least establish a terms-of-reference to specify their work, adding that to investigate the COI report requires a lot of resources. He further questions if, when the specialized permanent commission of the Parliament faces difficulties in delivering their work, this new commission would be able to achieve its objective? The MP said that PSD made a political statement in the Parliament to request Timor-Leste to establish a commission composed of the four sovereign states--the president of the republic, government, the court and the parliament--to conduct a study on the conclusions and recommendations of the COI report. Based on the study, Goncalves stressed that the commission should present further recommendations based on the seriousness of the crimes and national interest. The MP said all aspects are involved in the terms-of-reference but the proposal did not have the support of the plenary session. The Parliament Commission consists of seven-members, four from FRETILIN party and three from opposition groups and they are expected to report back to the legislature within two weeks. (STL)

International Media Reports

Notacia SIR-8494877

08-11-2006 12:14:00 GMT

LUSA. Temas: East Timor: Alkatiri departs for medical exams in Lisbon, Mozambique visit

East Timor: Alkatiri departs for medical exams in Lisbon, Mozambique visit

Dili, Nov. 8 (Lusa) - Former Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, who faces a criminal investigation in Dili, departed the East Timorese capital Wednesday for medical examinations in Portugal, officials said.

Prime Minister Jose Ramos Horta, who replaced Alkatiri as head of government in June after a wave of violence, and Parliament Speaker Francisco Guterres saw the dominant FRETILIN party's leader off at Dili airport, the officials said.

Guterres told Lusa that Alkatiri was expected back home at the end of the month, after his medical exams in Lisbon and a probable visit to Mozambique, where he spent more than two decades in exile during Indonesia's occupation of East Timor.

The trip took place one day after Alkatiri was heard for the second time by magistrates investigating his suspected involvement in the arming of civilians during the country's bloody rampages last April and May.

Alkatiri has denied the charges, which have already led to the indictment of his former interior minister.

A UN report released last month said its inquiry into the violence had found no evidence of Alkatiri's personal involvement in the distribution of arms, but recommended further investigation.

Guterres said Alkatiri had undergone an initial round of medical exams in Lisbon in January but had been unable to return, as scheduled, for a second round of tests six months later because of the Timorese crisis.

In another development, President Xanana Gusmao, who forced Alkatiri to resign, launched a "National Dialogue" process Wednesday with political party leaders.

The initiative was scheduled to continue Thursday with civil society leaders in search of reconciliation and solutions for the simmering crisis, which has pitted eastern "lorosae" against western "loromuno", ahead of general elections expected in the first half of next year.

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