Subject: UNMIT: UN Police Weekly Security Update



Friday, November 10th

Yesterday afternoon, a group of about 60 people engaged in rock-fighting in Bebonuk were dispersed upon UNPol arrival. Also, about 100 people converged upon the IDP camp near the Seaport. UNPol responded and quickly diffused the situation.

Last evening, two homes in the Bebonuk area were burnt. The motive is unknown. Today, at the airport IDP camp, two large groups were preparing to fight. Because of the proximity of UNPol, the situation was quickly diffused.

Two UNPol vehicles were damaged by a small group of IDPs living in the Metinaro Camp. Disturbances began when UNPol attempted to recover two stolen Government vehicles.

Reports of minor incidents, including a road block on banana road, theft and a minor rock-throwing occurred today. Late this afternoon, there were reports of rock-throwing on Comoro Road.

With the day of reflection approaching on 12 November, UNPol is expecting increased activity near Santa Cruz cemetery and will adjust its patrols accordingly.

Saturday, November 11th

Yesterday afternoon, a group of about 60 people engaged in rock-fighting at the TUG-O-WAR competition in Bidau Lecedere. Several units attended, including the GNR. One man was arrested for riotous behavior.

Last evening, in Fatuhada, fighting between rival martial art groups was reported. UNPol responded immediately and ensured that security was guaranteed during the night. Related to this incident, this morning, a house was burnt and a group of over 150 people were involved in disturbances. UNPol attended with several units and detained seven men, between the ages of 16 and 22 years old. UNPol apprehended weapons including machetes, spears, knives, sling shots and darts.

In the other districts situation generally remained peaceful, with minor incidents in Ermera and a rock throwing incident in Baucau, where PNTL arrested three persons for malicious damage to passing by vehicles.

Sunday, November 12th

The overall security situation remained calm in Timor-Leste during the last 24hrs. Fighting's in Fatuhada were reported and martial art groups burned down another house. A few more incidents of disturbance were reported.

The ceremonies in relation to 12NOV were peaceful with no incident of law & order. UNPol remained alert and engaged in the security operations.

In Ermera district, fighting's between rival groups continue to take place

Monday, November 13th

Yesterday afternoon, after some disturbance occurred durring morning celebrations, UNPol secured the Airport surrounding area to prevent any further incidents.

Two people were arrested for disorderly conduct in Dili. Last evening, there were several complaints in Dili area of intoxicated people causing disruptions.

Fightings between rival groups was reported last evening in Los Palos, Bobonoro and Ermera

This morning, there were reports of rocking fighting at Bebonuk Primary School.

Tuesday, November 14th

Yesterday and today peace rallies continued with youth groups from around Dili joining together in their peaceful march.

The situation in Los Palos in which there had been previous fighting has returned to normal.

Late, last night, two related incidents of rock fighting between two groups were reported. UNPol responded and the group dispersed.

Wednesday, November 15th

Yesterday two incidents of rock fighting between two groups were reported in Santa Cruz Cemetery. UNPol had to remain in the area to avoid further conflicts. Situation in Dili has been calm over the last 24 hours.

In Ermera, a murder and one incident of arson have been reported. As of now, details are not available, but International Security Forces are at the site.

Thursday, November 16th

Following up on last evening's incidents in Ermera District, three deaths and two injuries have been confirmed in Haturema Village. Several houses were burnt in the surrounding area. ISF secured the area immediately, while NID, MFPU and PNTL have already been deployed to investigate the crimes.

Yesterday morning, at Santa Cruz Cemetery fighting broke out, between two rival groups of approximately 40 in each group. UNPol responded. GNR had to make use of Gas to control the disorder. Two people were arrested.

A brawl in Comoro involving two groups resulted in two injured people who received assistance in the National Hospital.

In the afternoon, there was a report of a argument in Beto Timur, Comoro. Despite no ongoing violence, UNPol helped to disperse the crowd.

Illegal road blocks and rock throwing around Dili, in Vila Verde, Bairro Pite, Colmera and Comoro, were reported.

It's important that these incidents are reported to the police immediately, otherwise the police may loose the opportunity to apprehend those who are causing these disturbances. Try to convey the details about the incident's locations as accurately as possible. Provide a reference point, so the police can get to the scene quickly. You can help us to serve you better. Your contribution can make a difference. Don't forget you can contact UNPol 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by calling 7230365.

We remind you that UNPol has established 7 police stations and posts functioning 24 hours/7days a week. They are in Caicoli, Becora, Comoro, Mercado Lama (from 11pm until 7 am only has mobile patrols), Pentai Kelapa, Bidau and the Airport.

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