Subject: FONGTIL: Timor-Leste NGOs in solidarity with the victims of Santa Cruz massacre

Timor-Leste NGOs in solidarity with the victims of Santa Cruz massacre

The 12th of November 1991 the Indonesian army committed a horrendous massacre which took the life of 200 young East-Timorese people. This massacre opened the eyes of the international community about the suffering of the East Timorese people during the Indonesian occupation.

The 12th of November is a historic day for the youth and the people of Timor-Leste because that very day the youth shows its nationalist spirit and its courage against injustice to fight for independence.

Today the 12th of November 2006, we all together with the victims, the families of the victims and the whole East-Timorese people commemorate this historic day. We present our sympathy to the victims who suffered from the massacre. We also give our respect to the youth who died and to the parents who lost their children.

To value this, we are stating the following:

1. We ask the whole East-Timorese people especially the youth:

a. Continue to plant and grow the spirit of nationalism, national unity, solidarity and fraternity from the heroes of 12th of November, to build together our nation of Timor-Leste.

b. To take part and contribute to the nation development process according to everyone's capacity like the heroes of our beloved country.

c. To follow the nationalist spirit of the heroes of 12th of November who wanted their freedom from other people's rule.

2. We ask to the UN Mission in Timor-Leste:

a. To implement the justice process for the criminals who have been involved in serious crimes in Timor-Leste including the Santa Cruz massacre.

b. Listen to what the victims and the families of the victims have to say.

A fair, credible and impartial tribunal should be established for the cases of human rights violation during the illegal Indonesian occupation.

3. To the government of Timor-Leste:

a. Enforce law and order in effect in Timor-Leste and the human rights international laws which have been ratified by Timor-Leste

b. To confirm the State of rights and get rid of impunity.

c. The reconciliation policy can't stop the justice for the victims and their families.

d. There should be a will to find the truth about the graves of the victims of the 12th of November.

e. Attention should be given to the victims of 12th of November who survived

f. Create work camps and activities for the youth in order to include them in the nation development process.

4. To the Indonesian government:

a. Show where are the graves of the victims of the 12th of November 1991 to return them to their families so that they can bury them according to the Timor-Leste traditions.

b. To take responsibility towards the victims of the 12th of November who survived the massacre and to the families who lost their members.

Viva joventude feto no mane nebe'e mak mate tan atu liberta povo no mos viva ba joven sira nebe'e kaer nafatin Unidade Nasional hodi dezenvolve ita nia rai doben Timor Leste.

Media & Communication Division FONGTIL


Statementu Solidariedade ONG ba vitima Masacre Santa Cruz, 12 Novembro 1991

Iha loron 12 de Novembro 1991, akontese masakre bot husi TNI nebe'e halakon vida moris joven timor oan 200 resin. Masakre ne'e loke matan mundu internasional ba sofrementu no terus povo Timor durante okupasaun Indonesia.

Loron 12 de Novembro hanesan loron historiko ba joventude no ba povo Timor Leste, tanba iha loron ida neba'a joventude hatudu sira nia espiritu nasionalismu no aten brani kontra injustica hodi luta ba independensia.

Ohin loron 12 Novembro 2006, ami hotu hamutuk ho vitima, familia vitima no mos povo Timor Leste tomak komemora loron historiku ne'e. Ami hato'o ami nia sentimentu ba vitima sira nebe'e sofre husi masakre ida ne'e. No mos ami fo respeitu ba juventude sira nebe'e mak mate no inan-aman sira nebe'e mak lakon sira nia oan.

Ba valor bot ne'e, ami hato'o ami nia statementu hanesan : 1. Husu ba Timor oan liu-liu ba Joventude Timor Leste tomak a. Kuda no haburas nafatin espiritu Nasionalismu, Unidade Nasional, solidariedade no Fraternidade husi Aswain sira 12 de Novembro , hodi hamutuk hari'i ita nia nasaun Timor Leste. b. Atu partisipa no fo kontribuisaun iha prosesu dezenvolvementu nasaun Timor Leste tuir ida-idak nia kapasidade nudar Aswain ba rai doben ida ne'e. c. Banati tuir Aswain 12 Novembro sira nia espiritu nasionalizmu nebe'e hakarak liberta sira nia an husi ema seluk nia ukun.

2. Husu ba Misaun ONU iha Timor Leste. a. Atu halao prosesu justica ba kriminouzu sira nebe'e envolve iha krime grave iha Timor Leste inklui masakre santa cruz. b. Rona vitima no familia vitima sira nia lian, tenke estabelese tribunal ida nebe'e justu, kredibel no imparsial ba kazu violasaun direitus humanus durante okupasaun ilegal militar Indonesia.

3. Husu ba Governo Timor Leste a. Aplika lolos Lei no Ordem nebe'e vigore iha Timor Leste no Lei Internasional konaba Direitus Humanus nebe'e governo Timor Leste ratifika ona. b. Hametin estadu de direitu no tenki halakon impunidade c. Politika Rekonsiliasaun labele hamate justisa ba vitima no familia vitima sira d. Tenki iha vontade atu buka hatene konaba vitima 12 de Novembro sira nia rate. e. Tenki fo atensaun ba vitima 12 de Novembro nebe'e mak sei moris. f. Kriya kampu de trabalho ka aktividade ba joventude sira atu bele partisipa iha prosesu dezenvolvementu nasaun ida ne'e.

4. Husu ba Governo Indonesia a. Hatudu mate isin vitima 12 de Novembro 1991 hodi entrega ba sira nia familia, hodi hakoi tuir tradisaun Timor Leste nian. b. Atu responsabiliza ba vitima 12 de Novembro nebe'e mak se' moris no familia vitima nebe'e mak lakon nia familia.

Viva joventude feto no mane nebe'e mak mate tan atu liberta povo no mos viva ba joven sira nebe'e kaer nafatin Unidade Nasional hodi dezenvolve ita nia rai doben Timor Leste.

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