Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 17 November 2006

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Friday, 17 November 2006


National Media Reports

UNPOL Will Collect Guns In Ermera

UNPOL will hold an operation to collect guns still in the hands of civilians in Ermera District, Prime Minister Ramos-Horta reportedly told the media on Thursday. He says the government will work together with the Ministry of Interior on this initiative. The Prime Minister further said UNPOL would also conduct operations in Bobonaro district and warned some members of the Kolimau 2000 group not to make further confrontations, as they would receive harsh consequences. Ramos-Horta also appealed to the martial arts groups to stop the violence or face being banned. (DN, TP, STL)

Kolimau 2000 Group Attacks Martial Arts Group

Confrontations between the Kolimau 2000 Group and the martial art group (PSHT) in Ermera resulted in 4 deaths, up to 10 homes set on fire and the population seeking refuge inside the coffee plantations, reported the media today. The incidents occurred on Wednesday and Thursday, as members of Kolimau 2000 from Ermera, Letefoho, Bobonaro and Atsabe attacked the martial arts group while they were holding a meeting. The fight is a continuation to the previous conflict on 2 November, which resulted in the death of two people, and about 18 houses set on fire, said a source. Prime Minister Ramos-Horta and Minister of Interior, Alcino Barris travelled to the district upon receiving this information and decided that PNTL UIR and URP units would be stationed in that area even though the population have requested F-FDTL to provide security. (DN, TP)

F-FDTL And PNTL To Provide Security

The Prime Minister, President of the National Parliament, Minister of Labour and Community Reinsertion met with President Gusmão yesterday to discuss the implementation of security in the neighbourhoods by F-FDTL and PNTL. According to Ramos-Horta, President Xanana has welcomed the plan as it would help the population still living in the camps to return to their homes, as well as help with the reconstruction. He further said the population requested the reactivation of the two institutions therefore it is important that both show their sensibility among the community by working together as it would help heal the wounds and support the government's 'simu malu' programme which has been already implemented. (DN, TP)

F-FDTL And PNTL Dialogue

The second step after Wednesday's parade of unity, F-FDTL, PNTL and the political parties held a dialogue on Thursday where Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak appealed for respect, humbleness and recognition of the mistakes, to look forward to the future and how to take the IDPs to their homes, as well as prepare for the upcoming elections. Paulo Martins, PNTL Commander General said during the 4 years in the institution he felt the command was weak due to political interventions, hoping that the next government, the next political party that would form the government, must separate the work of the police and politics in order for PNTL to proceed independently, (DN, TP, STL)

Acting SRSG And President Of Parliament Discuss Legislation

The meeting between Acting SRSG and President of the National Parliament centred on the legislation of the electoral law and the United Nations support program for the national electoral commission. According to Lu-Olo the Acting SRSG requested the legislation to be approved by the end of November in order to proceed according to the UN's calendar of support to the electoral commission. (STL, DN, TP)


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