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Palácio das Cinzas

17 November 2006

People of Timor-Leste, The population of Díli Mothers and Fathers The Loriko Aswain Youth! The society as a whole,

The Organs of Sovereignty gathered here today, with humility we apologise to the people, for the mistakes committed, in our capacity as those in charge of governing our country, causing this current crisis.

It was due to our fault that for six months you have been suffering, living in fear and tears.

We acknowledge our mistakes! And because of our mistakes we transferred to you, the elderly, the adults and, above all, the children, the consequences which you are now encountering.

F-FDTL and PNTL also suffered as a result of our mistakes.

We all are now working together to rebuild peace in this young nation of ours.

Since F-FDTL and PNTL are ready to work together and to accept each other, we have the duty to facilitate the meetings between these two institutions, resulting on the 15th of November these two institutions coming to us, the Pillars of Sovereignty, and the entire People that they are ready to, once again, take on their responsibilities, to guarantee stability, for the sake of each of us and for the sake of the entire People.

On behalf of the Pillars of the Sovereignty, I wish to express our sincere appreciation for the Youth that on that afternoon took flowers and offered to the security forces of F-FDTL and PNTL.

We wish to take this opportunity to pay tribute to these young men and women, your children, for their recognition of such an important event, albeit simple, but with deep significance.

People of Timor-Leste Population of Díli Beloved Youth

The rainy season is about to begin, and we are conscious of the concern which we all have in relation to the internally displaced people (IDP’s).

This is why we are gathered here to appeal to all the people for the necessity to be united to lift back our Nation.

We all have to support each other to nurture the stability that was dissipated, so that we all can live in tranquillity and work together.

Today, more than ever, we need to listen to one another, we need to trust ourselves!

We are aware that there are those who are still reluctant. We are aware and also F-FDTL are aware that some of you, in some parts of the country, are still reluctant. Likewise, we are aware and PNTL too is aware that some of you in some parts of the country are still reluctant.

We can not solve everything at once! But, we the Pillars of Sovereignty, together with F-FDTL and PNTL, with humility, address to all of you, asking you to abandon this feeling of hatred.

If we continue with this sense of hatred, we will not be able to unite to overcome this crisis. We all can continue to debate the mistakes committed so that we can identify solutions, but let us not do it with the feeling of anger, let’s not do it with the feeling of hatred!

It was that anger which led us to make mistakes, which led us to destroy each other, which caused us lack of peace in the last six months.

It´s high time for us to abandon these weak feelings. We all must promote peace; we must accept each other so that reconciliation can flourish amongst us.

But reconciliation alone can not overcome the mistakes already committed! Reconciliation will indeed be nurturing our hearts, will prepare us, will give us the will to forgive each other.

It will be through Reconciliation that we can again face each other, eye to eye! It will be through Reconciliation that we will be able to talk to each other, as the sons and daughters of God. It will be through Reconciliation that we will open our hearts to each other, as creatures that are conscious that one day we may need one another.

Dear Compatriots!

We the Pillars of Sovereignty believe that before Monday the 20th of November, all the IDP’s shall return to their place of residence.

Members of F-FDTL and PNTL, will work with the Government program Simu Malu , and with the Commission of Dialogue for Community Reintegration, as well as with the Humanitarian Agencies such as IOM and UNHCR, to carry out the return of the IDPs back to their place of residence.

We must all be united in this process, to avoid worse problems due to the rainy season.

The IDP’s must not be scared that their respective local communities may not welcome them. The Youth working with the Commission of Dialogue for Community Reintegration are prepared to promote reconciliation in each area of residence.

The IDP’s must not be concerned that there may not be a house to host them. The Government program Simu Malu will have their people there to provide you the necessary support. We, the Pillars of Sovereignty, specially appeal to the Members of the National Parliament, Members of the Government, Public Servants, currently in the IDP camps, to act as an example by leaving the camps first so that the population can follow your example.

Members of F-FDTL e PNTL, who will be assigned to each residential area, together with the Youth, will help with carpentry work, will help with placing of corrugated iron sheets on the roofs, so that, soon enough the houses already have top cover, protecting the residents from sun and rain. They will also work together to ensure that there are doors and windows so that each family can feel at home again.

The options already announced by the government will also be taken into account, so that due success is ensured not only to the individuals but also to the families, as well as to the community as a whole. But these options will be discussed in each residential area itself, not in the camps (of IDP’s).

People of Timor-Leste Population of Díli Dear Young People

Together, we are all investing efforts to repair our Nation, to enrich our commitment in the struggle for peace, eradicate hatred and revenge, so that once again, we can lift our State back, whilst a sovereign and independent State, deserving the respect of the international community.

Whilst a State and People, it is true that we have made mistakes, we fell, we are slightly wounded, slightly ill, but as a State, we have not passed away, as a People we have not faded away.

It is high time for us to reaffirm ourselves as a People and Nation!

It is still within our reach for all of us to show to the world that we succeed in recovering our dignity! The Dignity of the Aswain People, the Dignity of a People who truly strives for PEACE! …

[1] Translated from the original version in Tetum

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