Subject: KY: UN police to bolster presence in E. Timor capital after 2 killed+

U.N. police to bolster presence in E. Timor capital after 2 killed+

DILI, Nov. 20_(Kyodo) _ U.N. police in violence-wracked East Timor have decided to increase police presence in the capital Dili after the killings of two people, including a Brazilian missionary, over the weekend, a U.N. police official said Monday.

"You will be seeing much more patrolling on the street starting tomorrow," Emir Bilget, acting police commissioner of the U.N. Integrated Mission in East Timor, told a press conference.

Bilget has also said that to enhance security, U.N. police will establish another five police stations in addition to the existing three stations and five posts in and around Dili.

He said police will beef up security around Dili Hospital, which has been the scene of gang clashes.

The Brazilian missionary, 32-year-old Edgar Goncalves Brito, was reportedly killed near the hospital Sunday night, while an East Timorese was found dead in the area of Comoro, 2 kilometers west of the capital, the next morning.

Prime Minister Jose Ramos-Horta issued a statement expressing "great sadness and indignation" over Brito's death and vowing efforts by his government to bring those responsible to justice.

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