Subject: UNMIT's Daily Media Review 24 November 2006

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Friday, 24 November 2006



National Media Reports

28 November Is Not Fretilin's: Lu-Olo

Francisco Guterres, President of the National Parliament says that 28 November, as forecast in the Constitution, is not only Fretilin's day but a day for all citizens to celebrate because it was on this date in 1975 that Fretilin unilaterally proclaimed the independence of Timor-Leste. In addition Lu-Olo said this date is in honour and memory of those that defended 28 November for 24 years. (STL)

Martial Arts Groups Calls For Peace

Up to 7 martial arts groups made a statement on Thursday calling for members of PSHT to stop violence. Representatives of the various group said they no longer accept and tolerate the behaviour of PSHT members in attacking, robbing, burning and damaging homes in the Dili. They appealed for the government to establish regulations for martial arts groups to stop PSHT actions, as they have been responsible for the destabilization of the country. However the Secretary General of Colimau 2000 group, Osorio Maulequi has blamed members of PSHT for their involvement in crimes as a conspiracy with PD to try and win the 2007 elections. But Fernando "Lasama", President of PD, has rejected the accusation as false and appealed to the martial arts groups '77' Korka and Kolimau 2000 to not let themselves be used by other people like political parties. The youth groups of Santa Cruz and Kintol Boot have taken the initiative to reconcile through the youth program "Dame Malu". The two groups are committed to having no involvement in further conflict, said Manuel Freitas, representative of Santa Cruz youth group. (STL, DN)

Escape Of Prisoners Not Guards Fault

Minister of Justice, Domingos Sarmento said the report presented by the Commission in charge of the investigation into the escape of prisoners in August including Major Alfredo found that the prisoners' guards were not involved in the incident. The report says the guards lacked discipline and recommended to the justice ministry to take measures to increase their discipline and obey the tasks appointed to them. (TP)

UN Supports Elections

The Special Assistant to the Electoral Certification Team, told the media yesterday that the Independent Certification Team would work in Timor-Leste to ensure that electoral international standards are implemented, and that they would be in the country soon. According to Diario Nacional, the team would present the report on the next visit, which clearly indicates their mandate and the importance for the elections to take place in 2007. The UN will provide logistical and other modes of assistance. (STL, DN)

International Media Reports


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