Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review 1 December 2006

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Friday, 01 December 2006



National Media Reports

Protesters Ask For Release Of Former Minister

Supporters of former Minister of Interior, Rogerio Lobato ask those responsible for the justice system to process the people involved in the crisis and release Rogerio Lobato. Supporters from the districts of Ermera, Liquica and other districts including relatives, carried Fretilin flag and banners which read "reconciliation with the militias and why trial for Founder of Falintil, Viva Rogerio Lobato, Viva Falintil". Gregorio dos Santos, coordinator of the event said only the court would decide whether the former Minister is guilty for distributing guns to civilians. Dos Santos said their presence was to provide moral support and demand justice for Lobato. A total of 100 people attended the trial.

Egidio de Jesus of Grupo Mudansa Fretilin (GMF) said that on behalf of the population who have put their trust on GMF, disapproves with supporters of Lobato for carrying Fretilin flag saying the flag represents the suffering of many people therefore it is a shame it is being used inappropriately. Rogerio Lobato trial was adjourned to January 9 due to the absentee of one of the co-accusers at the court. (DN, TP, STL)

Seminar To Commemorate HIV/AIDS Day

To commemorate the international HIV/AIDS World Day, the Ministry of Health held a seminar at the national level on Thursday, 30/11 with the theme "Fulfil the obligation, assume responsibility and distance the new generation from HIV/AIDS." Representatives from the government, different religious orders, civil societies, F-FDTL, PNTL, local and international NGO, and donor partner's embassies totalling about 270 participated in the event. Speaker Daniel Marcal, Director of CWS said his organization had identified that one of the problems faced by the people of Timor-Leste infected with HIV/AIDS is discrimination and isolation from their friends and relatives. Marcal said children whose parents are HIV/AIDS infected also face discrimination at school and from the community. He said people with this infection have requested the respect for the confidentiality of their medical state and due to moral support requirements, they would like the community leaders to have correct information on how HIV/AIDS can be spread. The Director of CWS said people with HIV/AIDS have also requested the Parliament to draft legislation to protect them to have the same rights as any other citizen. (TP)

Free Toll Emergency Number

Timor Telecom has established a national emergency number starting 30/11. The launch of the new number, 112 took place at UNPOL ≠PNTL Operation Room in Dili. A communique issued by Timor Telecom said the number can be reached free of charge through a mobile or land line telephone. There are currently four lines in UNPOL-PNTL Operational Room to attend to calls 24hrs. They appealed to the people that the number be used only in case of emergency. The number is accessible in the districts as well. (TP)

RTTL Headlines, 1 December 2006

Xanana Gusmao's statement at the Provedor (Ombudsman) for Human Right and Justice

President of the Republic, Xanana-Gusmao gave his declaration on the crisis in the country, particularly the incidents on 28 and 29 April to the Provedor (Ombudsman) for Human Right and Justice. In his declaration, he said that as both President and a common citizen, he had to do so to contribute to the establishment of justice and peace in Timor-Leste. His presence at the Provedor's Office also aimed at assessing the activities of the organisation.

Xanana vetoes the approved Decree Law No. 24/I/4th

President Gusmao has reportedly vetoed the Decree Law No. 24/I/4th on the lifetime monthly pension for members of the National Parliament that was sent to the President of the Republic for promulgation on 21 August. However the PR disagreed with some paragraphs particularly the paragraphs of article 4 and 6. The NP was scheduled to hold another discussion on the amendments of those paragraphs and confirmation vote

International Media Reports


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