Subject: UNMIT Daily Media Review - 27 November 2006

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National Media Reports

IF there is no justice, I will not hand over the weapons--Alfredo

There was an exclusive interview between Timor Post and Fugitive Major Alfredo Reinaldo prior to the two-day seminar held in Suai, 24-25 November 2006. Major Alfredo in the interview said that this crisis was begun at the military institution which caused his desertion. He then admitted that he was still in possession of weapons but he said that he will not hand them over to anybody if there was not justice for people and himself. He said, “If I am accused for any involvement in this crisis, I am ready to face the court, but as this is a military crisis within the F-FDTL institution, I would like to see the change in this institution.” He also stressed that the institution was used for the political purpose which resulted in the ongoing conflict. In respond to the plan of the government and some leaders to hold a dialogue with him, he told that any dialogue might be held as long as it was opened for the public, so that everyone could get access to the information.

Alfredo said that there should be a revolution of our mentality, and a reformation to solve the problem, restore the justice, peace, government structure, and constitution. He added that the ‘revolution' did not mean we should use weapons to fight each other but it means people have to change their mentality in sorting out problems.

In addition, Major Alfredo also strongly criticized the current government for being similar to the first constitutional government, under the leadership of Mari Alkatiri. He said that this government was even worse than the previous one.

In resolving the East Timor crisis, he said that he will take part in the process and will not escape from justice. Hence, he told the participants at the two-day seminar that in finding the solution to our crisis, people should leave behind any personal and political interests, but that there should be a just solution for every East Timorese including himself. Among the participants in the seminar were Major Tara, Major Marcos Tilman, Dr. Lucas da Costa, Father Martinho Gusmao, Jaime Hamjah, representative of the Ministry of Labor and Community Reinsertion, youths and students from Ermera, Ainaro, and Covalima, and Gast"o Salsinha and Railos who took part on the second day session.

Separately, in relations to allegations that illegal money collectors collected money from businessmen in Dili in the name of Major Alfredo Reinado, he then called upon every businessman particularly in Dili to stop giving any money for anybody on his behalf. He said that he has not asked anybody to beg for money. (TP, DN, and STL)

The trial of Rogerio's case

The case of the former Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato is scheduled to be prosecuted on Thursday, 30 November 2006 by three judges, two international judges including Ivo Rosa from Portugal and Telma Angelica from Brazil, and Antonio Gonçalves from Timor-Leste on charges of illegal weapons distribution. The trial is expectedto be opened to the public. (STL & TP)

28 November is not a day of Fretilin Party only: Lu'Olo

In response to the question on preparations to commemorate Independence day, 28 November 2006, Francisco Guterres, President of the National Parliament said that 28 November, is not only Fretilin's day but a day for all citizens to celebrate because it was on this date in 1975 that Fretilin unilaterally proclaimed the independence of Timor-Leste. Lu-Olo said this date is in honor and memory of those that defended the 28 November for 24 years. In addition, Secretary General of Democratic Party, Mariano Sabino was quoted as saying that 28 November was a historical date for the new generation while 20 May 2002 was a date where East Timor was considered a nation with the democratic rule of states. (STL & DN)

No comments by Fretilin Party on the Conspiracy theory

After the release of the conspiracy theory written by the President of Republic, Xanana Gusmao, there was no reaction from any of the CCF members or militants. The silent position taken by the Fretilin leaders did not mean that they were afraid of the truth of the theory, but rather because they do not want to waste their time and energy to instigate any threat to the peace and political stability of this country. However, Juliao Mausiri, one of the Fretilin leaders reportedly justified the theory of conspiracy, saying it is based on facts. He said the theory written by Mr. Xanana reflected acts of the Fretilin-led government, and the politics of CCF that did not correspond to the needs of the people. He then added that the Fretilin leaders did not have any comments as they did not have sufficient support. (STL)


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