Subject: ETimor opposition leader to meet Australian PM

ABC Radio Australia

ETimor opposition leader to meet Australian PM

Updated October 27, 2008 17:49:28

East Timor's opposition leader, Mari Alkatiri, will meet Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tomorrow in Melbourne, with security issues on the agenda.

The Fretilin leader says he also plans to raise education and health issues during the meeting.

Radio Australia's Canberra correspondent Linda Mottram reports that Mr Alkatiri is on a private visit to Australia.

His trip has included discussions on building bridges in the Asia Pacific region.

His visit will conclude with the meeting with Kevin Rudd.

Mr Alkatiri says that although he was now in opposition rather than government, he reserved the right to discuss East Timor's security issues with Mr Rudd, saying he was the one, as East Timor's prime minister in 2006, who requested the Australian security role in his country.

Mr Alkatiri also says he is comfortable with Australia's decision to reduce the number of troops it has in East Timor by 100 to 650.

Mr Alkatiri says he'll discuss health and education issues as well with the Australian leader

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