Subject: Indonesia Goverment Good Relationship With Timor Leste


President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono stated that the indonesian goverment respects the dignity of Timor Leste and there is good cooperation between both countries. Yudhoyono during his meeting with the head of the Brazilian house of representatives Arlindo Chinaglia and the leader of the federal senate Garilbaldi Alves in the Brazil parliament office Brazil said that the relationship between Indonesia and timor Leste is very tight at this moment. moreover after Yudhoyono was elected four years ago the president included Timor Leste as one of the countries for priority collaboration with Indonesia. President Yudhoyono has close personal relationship with Timor Leste President Ramos Horta prime minister Xanana Gusmao and all the high officials in the Timor Leste goverment. On the occasion the president also talked about cooperation with the Brazilian goverment especially in commerce. The Preident said that the goverment will increase the utilization of Biofuel in Indonesia in order to replace fossil fuels that cause unpleasant pollution. Indonesia will learn how to develop biofuel energy from Brazil which has been succesful in developing biofuels.

TVRI - Jakarta,DKI Jakarta,Indonesia

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