Subject: Ministr of Justice files defamation complaint again Tempo Semanal

Thursday, 27 November 2008 Tempo Semanal Hetan Akusasaun // Tempo Semanal Accused

According to the statement of the Minister of Justice for the IV Constitutional Government (of Timor-Leste) that Lucia Lobato published in the Timor Post (click) , Suara Timor Lorosae (click) 21 Nov 2008 and the Diario Nacional (click) 24 Nov 2008 Her Excellency the Minister of Justice has lodged a case with the Prosecutor General's Office against the Tempo Semanal newspaper, furthermore the Minister states that the Tempo Semanal has defamed her as a Minister breached her privacy and that the Journal and its journalists have violated the journalist ethical code.

Tuir deklarasaun Ministra Justica IV Governu konstitusional, Lucia Lobato ne'ebe publika iha jornais diario STL no Timor Post edisaun (21/11/2008) ho Diario Nasional edisaun (24/11/2008) katak S. E. Ministra Lucia Lobato hatama ona keixa ba Ministeiru Publiku hasoru jornal Tempo Semanal tan tuir ministra ne'e katak jornal Tempo Semanal halo ona difamasaun ba Sua Ministra ninia Privacidade no Jornalista jornal ne'e kontra kode etika jornalismu nian.

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