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Special Honors and Awards to ETAN and ETAN activists

President TMR pPresents medals at Presidential Palace. ETAN was awarded the government of Timor-Leste's highest honor (May 2012) 
Awards ceremony at Presidential Palace.
Photo by ETAN

ETAN's Charles Scheiner receives Timor-Leste's Princess Grace of Monaco award from Timor-Leste Parliament (May 2010)

John Rumbiak Human Rights Defenders Award for 2009 to ETAN and John M. Miller

The 2005 Program for Southeast Asian Studies at Arizona State University Southeast Asia Prize for Service to the Program and the Community (ETAN Arizona and Chris Lundry).

2002 Certificate of Appreciation for ETAN Arizona's work in the Southeast Asia Culture Week.

2000 Program for Southeast Asian Studies at Arizona State University Student Award for Contributions to Southeast Asian Studies (Chris Lundry and ETAN Arizona)

ETAN Los Angeles Garrick Ruiz Freedom Fighter of the Month (June 2000)

Visions in Action 1999 Working for Global Justice Award for Outstanding Activism to ETAN

Ten Good Groups That Make a Difference, Counterpunch, December 16-31, 1998

Though it can't take credit for the event, the fall of Indonesian dictator made 1998 an especially sweet year for the East Timor Action Network. The Network, which fights for self-determination for East Timor - which was invaded by Indonesia, with US backing, in 1975 -- can take more direct credit for some important victories in Washington. In October, the House and Senate passed a law that bans the use of US-supplied weapons in East Timor and forbids the Pentagon from offering International Military Education Training to the Indonesian armed forces. Lynn Fredriksson, who works out of ETAN's DC office, says the bill's passage "could be the most support any Congress has shown for rights of East Timorese" since the invasion. A few months earlier, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution urging the Clinton administration to "support an internationally supervised referendum on self-determination". Even the State Department has begun to timidly offer support for the Timorese. It now has an official position - though an unpublicized one - calling for the release of jailed resistance leader Xanana Gusmao and other political prisoners.


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