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We charge for posting jobs and similar announcements seeking consultants, EOIs, and RFPs, as well as workshops and trainings that charge a fee to attend. The charge is USD$75 per announcement. Organizations also have the option to make a payment of USD$750 for an unlimited number of job and similar announcements for one year. Additional contributions to support this service are always welcome.

Thank you for your support.

Pay by credit card:

You can also mail you check (on U.S. banks only) made payable to ETAN to ETAN
PO Box 1663, New York, NY 10035-1663 USA.

For other payment options, including by cash in Dili or bank transfer, and any questions contact ETAN at or call +1-917-690-4391.

NOTE: Announcements containing more than one unrelated job may be charged for each job. Re-advertisements of previously posted announcements will be billed as new.

To post to the list, please send your announcement as an e-mail to Start the subject line with Job: followed by the job title. We do not accept attachments. In a separate e-mail to, please send billing  information or proof of payment.

Please combine similar jobs in a single e-mail; they will be billed as one announcement. However, announcements containing more than one unrelated job will be charged for each job. (We strongly encourage organizations to post unrelated jobs in separate e-mails.) Re-advertisements of previously posted announcements will be billed as new.

The east-timor list currently reaches a growing list of nearly 9000 direct e-mail subscribers, many of whom have told us they use the list to look for jobs in Timor-Leste. (Job announcements and all other list postings are also posted permanently on the web, where they can be accessed at and are linked on the listserv's twitter feed, @TimorNews)

ETAN is a low-budget, non-profit operation. ETAN has been running the east-timor list for many years, dependent on voluntary donations.

Announcements of scholarships or seeking volunteers are not considered jobs. We do not charge for media releases, statements, articles or announcements of events, reports or videos. We encourage organizations to post these articles, media release, etc. to the list. Please remember not to post attachments

(Fees may be waived or reduced at ETAN's discretion for low budget organizations.)

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