International Federation for East Timor
Observer Project

NOTE: IFET-OP ended in September 1999 and is not accepting applications. IFET is currently working with an international project called La'o Hamutuk.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer with the International Federation for East Timor Observer Project. This is an exciting and demanding project which has evolved rapidly to address the urgent needs of the East Timorese. With the August 30th East Timor ballot date coming up quickly, we will be very busy in the coming weeks reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, and coordinating volunteer trainings in three parts of the U.S. Before filling out the attached application, we ask you to seriously consider the following basic criteria established for volunteers. Volunteers will need:


Your application will not be complete without the following: You will also be responsible for the following: Because of the high volume of interest in this project, we ask that you read all material on the IFET OP before sending inquiries.

Deadline for applications (first round of training): June 21
Deadline for second round: July 15
Estimated travel between US and East Timor: $2000
Estimated living expenses: $200 a week

Please send your application form and any relevant materials to the IFET contact person in your country of residence or nationality:


Note: Please be complete and thorough in your responses. While this application is being sent via email, we need as much information from you as possible.

Personal Information






Zip Code:






Male___ Female___

Date and place of birth:

Country of Passport:

Passport Number:

Expiration Date:

1. For what length of time can you volunteer with this project?

2. Please list the dates when you will be available for travel and note whether they are approximate or specific.

3. Please indicate how flexible you can be with your travel plans if the ballot consultation is delayed past August 30th?

4. Have you applied to be a UN Volunteer or to participate in any other observer project for the August 30 consultation in East Timor?

5. Please describe your educational background.

6. Please describe your work experience.

7. Please describe your present family situation. Are you in a committed, long-term relationship? Are there children or other persons dependent on you? Is/are your partner/family members supportive of your plan to go to East Timor?

8. How would you describe your present state of physical and mental health? Do you have any chronic illness or disabilities? Are you currently under psychological treatment? Do you need regular medication?

9. How would you describe your financial situation? Are you able to pay for your travel to and from East Timor as well as living expenses during your stay (approximately $200/week)? If you are not, do you have a plan to raise the money?

10. What languages do you understand and speak with a high level of competency?

11. What languages can you read and write with a high level of competency?

12. What is your knowledge of Bahasa Indonesia? (none, basic, intermediate, good):

13. What is your knowledge of Portuguese? (none, basic, intermediate, good):

14. What is your knowledge of Tetun? (none, basic, intermediate, good):

15. Have you traveled, lived or worked in another country? If yes, please describe when, where, and what you did for whom:

16. Did you ever participate in nonviolence training? If yes, please describe when, where, and with what purpose?

17. Please describe any previous experience with electoral monitoring.

18. Please describe other relevant activities, such as volunteer work, peace work, or participation in nonviolent action.

19. What is your knowledge of nonviolent conflict resolution and mediation? Elaborate on what you learned and where:

20. What human rights work experience have you had (including trainings)?

21. Have you previously visited East Timor/Indonesia? When and for what purpose?

22. Do you have any other experience or knowledge relevant to this project?

23. Please explain why you are interested in working with this project.

24. Do you have any training in emergency medical care or first aid?

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