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News Reports on the Consultative Group on Indonesia

ETAN/U.S.: Indonesia's Aid Donors Must Link Pledged Funds to Improvements In W Timor (Oct 18)

Indonesia trades promises for money, Economist (Oct 21)    

World Bank Press Release: Donors Support Indonesia's Effort to Accelerate Recovery (Oct 18)

Indonesia wins $5.3 billion aid, promises reforms (Oct 18)

Protestors dog Indonesian aid meeting (Oct 17)

Donor nations tell Jakarta: reform or no more cash (Oct 17)

U.S. "Reassured" By Indonesia Promises At Tokyo Donor Meeting (Oct 17)

Donors set to approve vital Indonesia aid (Oct 17)

The world blinks, but Indonesia loses, Jeff Winters (Oct 16)

Members of U.S. House of Representatives on CGI (Oct 16)

Indonesian activists urge new approach from donor (Oct 16)

CDPM Press Release on CGI (Oct 16)

Atambua issue may hurt Indonesian efforts at CGI meeting (Oct 14)

ETAN/U.S. Action Alert on CGI (Oct 12)

World Bank Confident Indonesia To Get Donor Money -Official (Oct 12)

Amnesty International's briefing for Indonesia's financial donors (Oct. 12)

Indonesia wants to ship refugees home before donors talks (Oct. 12)

Indonesia urges U.S. not to block aid over Timor (Oct. 11)

British minister optimistic on aid for Indonesia at donor meeting (Oct. 11)

Japanese NGOs' Letter to World Bank, Network for Indonesian Democracy (Oct. 10)

UN Deaths Overshadow Indonesia Aid Meeting, But Reforms Key (Oct. 9)

Rizal Ramli Sees $4.8B Aid At Tokyo Meet Despite Timor (Oct. 5)

Support Committee for Human Rights in Aceh (SCHRA) calls on World Bank to postpone CGI meeting due to worsening human rights in Aceh - Letter to World Bank President (Oct 2)

U.S., Britain again warn Indonesia it could lose aid unless militias disarmed (Sep.29)

AFR: World Bank warns Jakarta (Sep. 29)

RI donor meeting to go ahead in October (Sep. 29)

AFR: Aid Donors Losing Patience with Indonesia (Sep. 25)

A Joint Letter by TAPOL, CAFOD, CIIR and Down to Earth  to Clare Short MP, Secretary of State for International Development, UK (Sep. 25)

IFET's Letter to World Bank Urging Postponing of CGI Meeting with World Bank's response

Postpone Donor Meeting, Human Rights Watch (Sep. 20)

World Bank chief backs US warning to Indonesia to control militia (Sep. 19)

East Timor's Xanana Calls For Sanctions Against Indonesia (Sep. 14)
Text of Xanana Statement (Sep. 13)

World Bank Chief Wolfensohn Warns Indonesia On Militias (Sep 12)


World Bank Website on October 17-18, 2000 Tokyo CGI meeting (including speeches and background papers)

World Bank Website on February 1-2, 2000 CGI meeting 


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