International Federation for East Timor
Observer Project

Fundraising Ideas

There are some ideas which are being used by observers from the USA to raise their travel expenses. They may or may not be appropriate in other national and cultural contexts, but are here as suggestions only.

Below are some ideas to help you raise the money youíll need to be part of the consultation observer project in East Timor. Be sure to send additional ideas & resources to Kristin at: 773-878-4033 or so they can be shared with others who are participating in the project!

  1. Invite your friends (and friends of your friends) to a house party (or potluck, pancake breakfast, etc) where you can talk about East Timor and the project and pass the hat for donations. You can also ask your local ETAN chapter or other supporters to organize a party for you.
  2. Send a letter to friends and family telling them about the observer project and ask them for donations. (Sample letters listed here.)
  3. Send an appeal over e-mail asking for sponsors/donations.
  4. Call the local ETAN contacts in your area asking them to sponsor you (we have a script for you to use).
  5. Approach religious congregations that you or other supportive people have connections with. Speak during announcements (or before the offering) about the project and ask for financial support. Congregations often have a justice and peace group, religious study groups, or mens/womens/youth social groups that may be interested in hearing from and sponsoring you as well.
  6. Contact supportive organizations such as chapters of Amnesty International, Peace Action, and other local peace or social action groups for financial and other support.
  7. Get an appointment with the justice and peace office of your local Catholic diocese (or with the Bishop if possible). Use articles from the National Catholic Reporter and statement from the U.S. Catholic Conference Committee on International Policy, available on ETAN's website.
  8. Contact your community paper & see if they will write a story about the observer project, your participation in it, and the community effort that is underway to get you to East Timor. We're working on a sample press release for this. Be sure you get quotes from your "sponsors". An article in your local paper will be invaluable in approaching local businesses, etc. about providing financial support for your participation in the project. Don't limit yourself to the ideas on this list! If you have questions, concerns, or ideas please contact Kristin or Liz at 773-878-4033.

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