Please note: The IFET Observer Project ended in September 1999. These materials are here for reference and historical purposes. 

IFET Observer Application:

Preparatory Materials: Release of Liability: Canadians are a very non-litigious people -- they rarely sue other people. Americans are very litigious and sue often. We figured if we wrote a Canadian and an American version, other countries could choose whichever one came closer to fitting their situation.

Fundraising: IFET-OP Code of Conduct

IFET observers in East Timor will be nonpartisan and accredited by the United Nations as observers. In addition to our own rules, we will follow the U.N. Code of Conduct for observers.

UN Accreditation Information Form. This document must be faxed to the IFET office in Dili before applying for an Indonesian visa. Please also fax 1) The location of the consulate where you will be applying for a visa, 2) A number where you can be faxed back, and 3) Two passport pictures (xeroxed).
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